A Challenge and a Prayer

November 4, 2011
I’m sitting In my room and reading some articles over and over again in the spiritual/ religion section of the Teenink. Sometimes I become overjoyed when I read an authors article when they express their faith about believing in God and when they inspire others. Then when I come to the comment section of the page I’m sadden by those who are against the message in the article and think of it very lowly of it. Yes they are allowed to their own opinion because everyone is free to express their own opinion; but when people are being very rude in the comment section I tend to get very upset. I was inspired by a fellow author I found on Teenink and by the end I read their article I had and idea/ felt the need to write a prayer.

Now for those who would be totally against it, you don’t have to read past this part but I challenge you, look past the religion that I’m not putting out for I too hate religion because it’s full of rules and objections to live by. Look past what any personal belief that have you object rudely to anyone who don’t see eye to eye with you. Look instead at the girl who is writing this prayer, who has a heart for the people around her whether it be physically or by an online source. Don’t see her as a freak, a stupid person, hopeless, or religious. Instead look at her and anyone else who also prays a prayer for you and for the people around you that they have love for you. That they want you to become fully alive and know a love that is so powerful. We fellow Christians don’t walk a road the same as you as you most likely know already. We walk a very difficult road because we are faced with trials and many things we have to give up because we are not who were in the past anymore, and if your wondering, this is what a Christian does when they are not being a halfhearted person.

Now to my fellow friends, brothers, and sisters. I put out a challenge to you to that I’m going to take up myself. When the world says your stupid, ugly, an idiot, hopeless, worthless, not meant to live, will have no success in life, dumb, or whatever rude/ negative comment they throw your way I have something to say to you. You are loved, you are precious, you are beautiful, you are smart in your own unique way, hand picked, have a greatness, you are worth everything in the world, will live a fruitful life, and that you are the beautiful gem that God has created personally to be here for such a time as this. Remind yourself this every time you have a negative comment/ thought about yourself . Also continue to pray for those who are on your heart no matter who it is. God will answer your prayer in his timing, I know that first hand!

Dear God,

You know what is on my heart and all the word I so want to express but can only limit to a few to what I can express by the word is know and can describe. You know my heart and everyone’s heart who reads this prayer and who needs what they directly need whether it be love, acceptance, or a friend, or whatever else they need that I don’t know personally. I thank you for the person who is reading this right now, that they have been created in your design and that they are beautiful. You have created every detail, quirk, unique thing about them that makes them awesome! You know their song, how many hairs they have on their head, to even their thoughts. I pray to who is reading this prayer at this moment that you will bless them with your love if they accept it. I pray and ask that whatever they are facing right know that you would help them in a way that they’ll receive help in the way that they can be approached. I pray that whatever negative comment/ thought that has been said about them that it would be taken away from them and that someone will say a lasting comment/ thought that will be with them always. I pray for those who don’t know your love will be showed your love and for those who know your love that they will continue to be strengthened by your amazing love. The fact that you love us the way we are is amazing! And that your love is perfect even others don’t believe so. God I pray for my fellow friends, sisters, brothers, those who are in hostile situations, and anyone else who believes in your truth that you would be with them wherever they are, that you will empower them, and that you would unlock and show them their gifts that you have placed in them. And finally I pray for those who are about to comment negatively about this article and prayer and that you would ask them why are they going to comment rudely or wrongly about it when the person who is praying this prayer is praying for them. All I ask now that this prayer to you that I’m sharing with whoever is reading this, that they would get something out it of and whatever they are in dire need that you can fulfill. In Jesus name I ask for these things to happen in your timing!


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forever_an_artist said...
Dec. 20, 2011 at 10:51 am


I feel just the same way. I read some of the articles on TeenInk and am so burdened for these teenagers who are seeking the answer to life but think they have found it in the vanity of their own mind. I was just reading in 1 Corinthians today about how those who seek knowledge really just become lost in their own reasonings, but those who are willing to be foolish and believe in God are those who are truly made wise. There are two trees; the tree of knowledge of good and evil and... (more »)

AngelGal07 replied...
Jan. 5, 2012 at 5:13 pm
Thank you for commenting back, really appreciate the feedback from readers. Yes, 1st Corinthians really does explain well to what you were saying related to the teenagers of today who are lost. I'm glade that we both are choosing life instead of death!
Taphephobia This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 14, 2011 at 8:33 pm
Wow. I really needed this. I've been connecting with God a lot more....fluently?....lately. I don't think that's the word but anyway there are so many times I need God's will to strengthen me and it can be so hard living a life full of insecurities without God. I honestly don't know how some people get through it. I guess some don't. But I really love how you incorporated your prayer into this piece. I really love it :)
AngelGal07 replied...
Dec. 4, 2011 at 1:15 am
when i was writting this article i felt the need to put a prayer into it so everyone could read it and somehow help them where ever they are. I know, it's been really hard for me expesually with me doing some college classes and it still makes me wonder how so many other people can just do it without God but i know deep inside they are hurting. i'm really glade you loved it and I hope it helped!
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