Freedom of Religion

September 14, 2011
You say that by saying God bless you, I offend you. You say that I don't respect you're right to not believe in God when I ask you to go to chruch with me.
I'll be the first one to addmite that this country was built upon freedom to worship as you want. I know that not everyone believes in God.
But if I can't wear around my neack, a cross then why can you cruse my God to my face. Is that not offending me, as you say I offend you.
You do not see the hipocrace that you pratice. Yet I see it in every place I can't bring my bible.
At school I can't pray because it keeps you from doign as you please. So tell me how not letting me worship as I please, fair in any way.
I can not say so much as God bless you with you jumping all over me. But when I tell you to stop taking the Lord's name in vain, then I am discriminating agenst you.
Please tell me how this is true.

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andromeda13 said...
Sept. 28, 2011 at 3:21 pm
Good article, I understand how you feel, I have a teacher at my school that insulted my religion. In a perfect world every one would respect what other people believe in but unfortunatly here religion seems to mean war. :(
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