Abundance Therapy

August 29, 2011
By Atticus SILVER, Wenatchee, Washington
Atticus SILVER, Wenatchee, Washington
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When I consider abundance, I consider a space where I want for nothing. The limitations I thought surrounded me are no longer important and I can see possibilities and opportunities that I could not see before. So why is money not categorized within abundance? Why do I have to experience all these wonderful, new ideas and have more time on my hands but I am still as poor as I was yesterday?

When I decompress and let go of my fears, I want to live as free and unrestrained as possible. I watch my favorite movies, eat junk food, write little articles, and meditate, but out of all those really good types of mental laxatives, I have left out the one that all girls at some level love to use; shop therapy.

I love to shop. There, I have said it. I freely fit myself into the girly stereotype. I love to pamper myself within the material world and I don’t mind spending the green stuff for my fix. The question is how do I get the green stuff in the first place? I cannot understand how I can live on a vast planet and be graced by the muses but cannot seem to raise the amount in my bank account. I can’t help wonder if the powers that be are against me or maybe it’s all in how I look at things.

The world we see is controlled by our beliefs. If I believe that money is evading me, then it probably is. When I speak to most people about the economy, I receive negative answers. They feel bias towards those who can spend and can afford deluxe homes and pearls for Christmas. It is no wonder that there has been misunderstandings and miscommunication in the wealth system for centuries. Subconsciously, the lower class hate the wealthy, for the wealthy make the lower class feel constricted in their world. When I see a woman wearing heels from Maurices, I think, my God, I wish I could afford those, when perhaps I should reconsider that statement and say instead, I choose to spend my money on coffee with my friends. Is this not a more educated and flexible response? It’s a more grounded and empowered acknowledgement that resonates in the form of a choice rather than an idea that there is not enough.

My intention is to negotiate through the universe while keeping a strong, centered, and healthy position within my thoughts. I am not a victim; I am a constant creator and the most capable person I know. In this statement to the universe, I am giving myself a blessing for abundance in all forms. In this intention, it is more difficult to sabotage myself in following my road towards more opportunities and inevitable happiness.

By shifting thoughts, we change our view, and if done correctly it can make anything seem more doable and more possible. By opening a curtain, there can be light to illuminate a situation for what it really is, an opportunity not a limitation. Thoughts are powerful, and using them to one’s advantage is the best way to feel limitless.

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