August 21, 2011
By P.Cap SILVER, Melbourne, Other
P.Cap SILVER, Melbourne, Other
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Holding on to the past is what brings us down. Let go of the past is what sets our soul free. Dreaming of the future means you’re half to living your dream. If only letting go of the past was as easy as baking a cake, life would flow as easy as the wind.

Trauma, a six letter word which has a habit of lingering on in one’s life, for what seems like forever. Even the strongest of hearts may fail at giving up trauma. It will weaken your faith and shred your soul until it has full control of your destination in life. Just when you feel like you’re on top of all your troubles, trauma shows up unexpectedly to throw you in a pit of sinking sand and before you know it, you are on the bottom of the deep, dark, scary pit. You think there is no escape. You believe your only way out is to ultimately self-destruct. Where do I look for light in such a scary, deep pit? How do I overcome such adversity? The answer, belief. Believing in what you once had a passion for is the #1 cure for trauma. Believing means you see hope somewhere in the future. It means you refuse to give up on trying and won’t stop until it’s over. You are brighter than the darkness.

Because what does not kill you, may just make you stronger.

The author's comments:
Making it to the age of 16 was my inspiration. Persevering through my troubles gave me the words to write this piece. If I wanted people to get one thing out of this, it would be to always remember there is hope. Even in what seems like a never-ending struggle.

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