August 1, 2011
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Being an atheist is the same as being a non believer. Am not writing this to criticize any non believer because we all have our own believes. Religion is like politics. Everybody has his or her own choices in worshiping God or being a fee thinker. There is nothing wrong with being a free thinker. Sometimes I just cant imagine how people say there is no God. Sometimes we think, we have to power to do things on our own but then we fail. If you look around you, there are beautiful things that God made for us humans. For me, when am up in the morning, it is a blessing to me. It by Gods mercy's because without him we won't leave. I think people who don't believe in God or know him are lost in the world. They are lost in the sense of being ignorant. Whether you know God or you don't, there would always be tests in our life. People who know God, knows that, tests would be given to us all the time to test our faith. We humans or believes in Christ are not perfect but we just follow our authorities. People who don't know God are always depressed and everything they do around them fails. We all make mistakes and as we learn everyday, we then also become strong. To me atheist, tho they have their own toughs, should be taught who God is. You don't need to be a christian before God would always love you. He already does and i think it will be a blessing if you changed your life and follow him. Am not perfect or better than any other humans in this world, but i do what i have to do. Everyday is a new day and every day i am also learning something new.

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ZeeBYoung said...
Aug. 26, 2011 at 12:24 am

I'm going to say this as nicely as I can. Coming from an Agnostic, this is very stereotypical and misinformed.

I am by no means lost. I know exactly who I am and know exactly where I plan on going.

I know who God is. I didnt stop believing because I was ignorant, I stopped believing because I knew too much. Instead of listening to everything my dad spoon fed me as the truth, I did my own research, and the more knowledge I gained, the more I found myself r... (more »)

RandyA. replied...
Aug. 28, 2011 at 4:26 am
Am being polite her. like you just said, you knew God but then later on you made your own researc and gained knowledge, that fine. what about those who say there isn't a God. Arent they ignorant in their thought. Your way of foundng the truth and knowing is differnt from somebody else.
ZeeBYoung replied...
Sept. 1, 2011 at 10:23 pm
I dont think theyre ignorant at all. If they dont believe, Im pretty sure they have their reasons, just as I have mine for being skeptical. To me, how "God" is potrayed in Holy Books makes him come of as a tyrant, dictator, and a tad sadistic. I think to myself, "theres no way this is the word of a "Holy" God. Which can only lead me to the very likely possibility (to me) "God" is make belief, a way to explain the universe and how it came to be because we didnt have the scienc... (more »)
RandyA. replied...
Sept. 2, 2011 at 10:35 am
I agree that everyone has their believes. No i understand you are explainig your thought and that is fine. So you saying God being potrayed in Holy Books makes him a tyrant dictator and sadistc. To me my believes are not the big bang theory. The universe didn't creat it self, that  just made to beieve that the theory was how the universe formed. So are you saying if there was science back then, the theory would be right? Just my thought.
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