June 18, 2011
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I don't critisize or blame anybody for things that i write. I write to share my opinion and speak the truth about life. People have been hating their selves because of their looks, judgements, and their emotions. Always this favorite quote by Malcolm X comes to mind." WHO TAUGHT YOU TO HATE YOUR SELF". It is a very interesting quote and i think everyone should listen to the things he expresses. Going back to the topic of people hating them self, it is very unbelieving. Looking at yourself everyday and even others looking at you, it hurts for them to say things that are wrong about you. That is life and somethings need to be dealt with. Don't be a judge and criticize yourself about how you look or what people say about you. God has created you for a reason and no matter how some one talks bout you, that their problem. That is blaspheming against God. He is king and He does things accordingly in the right time. Coming to the world, we humans brought nothing in so we when we are going we taking nothing out. It one thing to look pretty because we humans and attracted to each other, but nothing God created can changed or erased. Never hate yourself for who you are and never regret how you are created. WE WILL ALL BE JUDGED BY OUR MAKER ONE BY ONE!!

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