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May 24, 2011
By Ally091 GOLD, Ashland, Kentucky
Ally091 GOLD, Ashland, Kentucky
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The other day someone asked me what my thoughts on God and religion were. I honestly did not know how to answer them. After a long period of reevaluation I have determined that Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior. However, I will not take part in the corrupt practices of most churches. Most religions tend to assume that theirs is the only correct way to live. If you do not follow their rules and live how they want than you will he harshly judged and frowned upon. When in reality they have forgotten the most important thing. Jesus was sent here to teach. To forgive us for our never ending sins and show us how to love one another. To ultimately bring us closer together. Most religions use god to put fear in the hearts of most people. They tell you if you do not believe a certain thing then you are going to hell. Which I think is absolutely wrong. No one has the right to judge and degrade someone based on religion, or anything for that matter. In an older post I wrote something along the lines of “I would much rather admit that there are some questions in life left unanswered than latch on to some religion and let others make up answers for me.” I still do believe this to an extent, but I am going to try to be more open and embrace the views of religious people. You never know what you might learn. Nor do you know when Christ will return, it will however be when we least expect it. Over these past few years I have lost sight of what really matters and have grown quite distant from God. As much as I hate admitting this unfortunate fact, it is true. Now that my vision is a bit more clear I have realized that I need the love of my God if I want to make it in this cruel world. Thankfully god goes to great lengths to show you his wisdom and accepts you back with open arms once you realize your path has gotten a bit crossed. Without god and the love of my friends and family I am nothing. Thank you for making me realize how simple minded my thoughts were being. You have changed my life in so many ways already, I love you with my whole heart. Please never forget that.

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