Peace Not War

May 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Religion, viewed by many is a big part of themselves that control parts of their lives. They think that the reason why they live and the reason why they are so fortunate are in the making of god. Growing up in my life I don’t see how that’s such bad idea. Religion is important to me but not as important as it should be for me. I may not the most faithful person that goes to church every week but I know very well that my family was very into religion because growing up; all they had was family and God. But, every once in the while I always think just because it’s your belief doesn’t mean its right to pursue it. From time to time I always come up with the same idea. The laws that protect the people of the world, the laws that gives people right, and the laws that make people happy should be ahead of religion and these radical extremists like the Taliban. They should realize this and not use such harsh methods to get people’s attention. Harming people needs to be behind us now and what they are doing needs to be stopped.

We all know that terrorism is treacherous. The real reason why terrorism is frowned upon on is because of the people that are harmed in the making of these harsh attacks. People that were injured and even killed never did anything to directly harm the radicals and all they received was death. That’s not fair. We all know that on 9/11 no one was guilty to get what they deserved. Retaliation is what the terrorists think is the only solution. If they found a better way to protest instead of retaliate than we wouldn’t have such a hugh problem.

People and race are not just the ones that are having problem with violence because of terrorism. Countries are even splitting apart because of such different perspectives. Spain used to be allies with Iraq, but after Iraq retaliated against the U.S Spain had no choice but to let Iraq fend for themselves. Maybe Spain didn’t want to but there was no debate, they had to unless they wanted to be targeted as an accomplice because no one wants to be guilty for something they didn’t do in the first place. So they started to block there communications form Iraq. “1,300 Spanish troops currently in Iraq will be withdrawn at the end of June. The administration of United States President George W. Bush is nervous this could affect the deployment of troops by other countries. It is something that will inevitably influence by the presidential election in the U.S. Even if there are seven months ahead until voting time.”(They Say Spain’s Leaving Iraq)

The main argument on terrorism retaliation of course is about their violence that leads to war. The more war equals more casualties. How does one believe that their god’s wishes are to kill people? That’s the opposite on what god would want you to achieve. God wants the faithful to live a good life and be good to your neighbors and if interpreting what god is saying is wrong, the same things that are happening right now take effect.

Acts of terrorism create nothing but fear and hate, which only produces cowards. Bomb a building, run away; that’s not an ideal way to solve our problems. If they have a problem, say it to their face before acting unrationally. Problems could be solved so much more painlessly and in so little time if violence wasn’t the only idea to a better world.

The author's comments:
I Have always been interested in why terrorist do what they do and believe that violence is what their god wants them to peruse

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