Life Analysis

April 3, 2011
By Cleto BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Cleto BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Life changes, we change, life changes us, and we change life.

When we are young we search for facility,Throughout life we create individually distinct manners to face life.We also inseminate disgusting atrosities.We embrace the hell and diminish the holy.The astonishing strength we possese to endure pain and fatigue merge to form the essense of us people and our minds.The path called life drags people across deception,greatness, and grief.Existance provokes us to triumph over sadness and overcome our obstacles.For an athelete its is physical,For a scholar it is mental,For a realist it is fact,And for a religious mind it is judgement.As we grow and decay we find ourselves desiring hard work and personal enlightenment instead of a search for ease.We search with an experienced body,An afterlife embeded with hard work and acheivments.We find ourselves closer to death,Knowing what we had and forgeting what we desire.As we strugle through life's expressions and dissapointments,Most of us live a life full of pondering and fullfilment.When some of the world's offsprings choose to live as blank human beings and treat life as a constant search for slumber and facility this forces the others in this world to unfortunately drift to unpleasantness.Throughout the last years of life most of us waste our last time with anger and anxiety.We spend our last years as blind unconcious members of death's decions and control.We follow the dark and mysterious figure of conclusion,Into a mystery,Into a series of lives,Into a world of thoughts and emotions. Finally we consider death as a natural activity of life and accept it with thoughts of embracing it.All of us leave this world not as we came into it,We leave with memories,We leave with thouhts,And we also truely do not leave,We acctually leave a connecton.We embrace an unbearable pain and trust whatever takes us and simply go.

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