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Religion or Lack Thereof

May 5, 2011

Let me first start off by acknowledging how important acceptance is. Acceptance of different people, different ideas, and different opinions is a huge deal to me. It just is.
But I’ve heard some things that are less than pleasing.
I'm Atheist. I make no attempt at hiding it, as I don't believe I should. I realize this is an unpopular opinion, but I refuse to alter my opinions to fit in. I just won't. I've yet to meet many Atheists in my lifetime (though it's been short), so when I do it comes as a surprise to me, because, well, we're a minority of sorts.
So many people have a problem with my religion, or lack thereof.
Today I was called ignorant, but not just me, Atheists in general. I was told that my opinion is wrong and that I'm going to burn in Hell because God will only save the believers. That is a completely different rant that I won't take part in. Religious debates are messy, from either side. My point is to not call out these anyone for their beliefs. On the contrary, actually. You see, I am more than happy to accept that you have a different opinion than I. I'll even go as far as to see it from your side, where, consequently, I can see your reasoning. I believe I should do that, I truly do. I honestly believe we should all make an effort to see another perspective, not change our mind, no, just see a different side.
This isn't the case. When I put myself out there to respect your opinion and your beliefs, I expect you to do the same. That's just a matter of respect. It really is.
I'd like to point out that you will never hear me say something like "You're wrong!" or "You're belief is stupid!" while in a debate or quarrel. That's what is so great about opinions. They can't be right or wrong, they're just opinions.
My point is that I'm not ignorant for having a different belief than you, and my opinion isn't wrong. You're not ignorant for having your belief, and your opinion isn't wrong. It never will be, and I accept that. Stop with the bigotry.
Frankly, I'm tired of being called ignorant and being attacked with hateful words because of a single belief. My religious views have nothing to do with the kind of person I am, so stop making it seem that way.
Where’s the love?

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on May. 12 2011 at 10:20 am
HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
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I don't get it.  Why people have to go around telling atheists they're going to burn in hell.  As if that's going to make them think any differently or consider that person's beliefs something to be desired.   Sometimes I am so ashamed of us Christians.  I interact with many atheists, and none of my Christian friends would ever say awful things to one.  So I don't know much about this sort of situation.  I'm sorry you're wronged all the time.  Many of us are utter hyprocrites who think they're doing right by telling you guys things like that.  They're not though, and I'm ashamed that people are treated like that.  

One thing I want to say, or a couple of things, is that from a Christian's point of view (my view) anyone who does not believe in God and that Jesus is their savior IS going to hell.  Yes, I just said that.  It's really sad and awful, and I do believe that.  So according to what I believe, you ARE ignorant.  However, I don't hate you, or think you're stupid and I can totally see why you wouldn't believe in a God, I really do.  So again, I'm sorry, and I do have love for you.  Jesus loves everyone, so should I.  :)