Society and God

April 16, 2011
By caycay15 BRONZE, Marysville, Ohio
caycay15 BRONZE, Marysville, Ohio
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Stifling darkness encompasses the minute good which is barely lambent in society. The prevalence of crime has so overpowered the wholesomeness that once dominated, striving under a greater good. We have now become overly acceptant of what once was thought of as rash and clearly unacceptable. Numbed by the uncontrollable consistency of absurd things like political corruption we have learned get used to accepting the unacceptable. Our society is now choking on its own rancid fumes of chaos and dismay, a billowing stench that wholly consumes every one within forcing humanity to succumb to the treacheries. The creators of havoc now suffer the consequence of their own creation, humanity is the creator and we now must endure what we have created. We have turned our back and faced towards evils, becoming an errant race when in truth God is our answer. Those who dwell with the Lord strive in life rather than the scum who scrape to have a substantial life by choosing to follow something that leads them to nothing but disappointment, confusion, and loss. The perfunctory evils that have tried so desperately too be greater than the best will soon come to learn that God is indeed the best and cannot be beaten by malicious, puckish beings. Gods power is inapprehensible to the lower beings that which He Himself created. God being the just ever powerful God He is should send every lesser being aquiver. Our all estimable God has the power to incline His creations to be directed to Him but overall the choice is ours so it is our responsibility to choose God who is the healthy choice and most rewarding choice as well. There are those who choose a darker path and will without doubt find that life is most abject following inferior evils. Our race is set ablaze with impurities that have become so called “the norm” that it is hard to find our way to the Lord through the thick fog of unrighteousness. We are and will constantly be embattled with hard decisions of right and wrong and often will choose the wrong but through prayer and faith we can all find our way to forgiveness and there is always a path to choose that leads to Christ.

The author's comments:
This is my point of view on how we as a race have let ourselves go dimminishing in rightousness and how we need to take action agianst what tempts us.

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