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December 3, 2010
By GodsStudent BRONZE, Abc, Other
GodsStudent BRONZE, Abc, Other
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We live in a day and age where a lot, or dare I say the MAJORITY of Christians are luke-warm. What do I mean? Keep reading.

Some of us say we believe in God, we think we do, we go to Church, talk about the issues and read our Bibles. Heaven forbid, some of us actually read on week days. But we are not doing anything-just sitting idly. Going through school, going through college, working our jobs...but we never think about what really matters. We don't care.

On the other side, you have atheists, evolutionists, and other types of believers. They believe in NOTHING, even if they think they believe in something.

All they believe in is lies.

Lastly, you have Christians-REAL Christians- who would live and die for Christ, who really believe his sacrifice, and who try to make a difference in the world and try to recruit people to God's cause-simply believing and recognizing him as our savior and rejoicing in him. (Might I add that these are the Christians who have massive rewards in heaven?)

Some (or most) of us are luke-warm Christians who do nothing. We might have nice big cars and houses on Earth and a nice TeenInk website to post our writing so that other people can see it, read it, and comment.

God warns us against being luke-warm Christians in the Bible. He wants us to either not believe in him at all, or to be radically devoted to him, be Christians, and make a difference.

Sadly, the majority of us (especially teenagers and younger children) are luke-warm Christians. But what's the point? "Living out your life"? So you can die afterward? There's nothing there, and no matter how much other people remember you, it will make no difference in the end.

Don't waste your time and live your life out for yourself. Don't be the average uninformed human who wastes his/her time away chasing after things that are tearing you away from God.

Make a real difference.

Don't waste your life.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this? Seeing Luke-Warm Christians.

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