I Have The Christian Faith

November 14, 2010
By , Oberrieden, Switzerland
I have the Christian faith. I believe that Jesus came to Earth rightfully proclaiming, "I am the Truth." Is that not what we would all like to do? What is an opinion if it is not a self-declaration of our ability to know the truth? We would not hold our opinions if we thought them to be false or were less than certain. They are shaped by biases into more, new biases, although it can be argued that God has his own prejudices against evil and the like. Instinctively, humans look to religion as a source of judgment and thus we like to think of our gods as the ultimate impartials. However, Judgment Day cannot be assumed to be objective, because at some point the Divine must employ their conscience, their ethics (all of which the religious in every culture assume to be perfect) to determine who lives and who dies. We try to interpret interpretations of the Heavenly Authority's words to divine what criteria we must meet, but, as skeptics and doubters are quick to point out, there is a plethora of viable answers and disagreements over matters of religion tend to lead to conflict. While I have the Christian faith, I believe in introspection and intuitive self-judgment; if I am made in the image of God, it is time to stop analyzing and time to start thinking the way I was taught at the moment of creation.

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spiritualrevelationrevealspainandrevolution said...
Nov. 27, 2010 at 12:09 am
this is extemely intelligent, thank you for posting this hopefully it will get some people thinking
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