Godly Beach

October 20, 2010
By Anonymous

I came for the adventure and found myself praying to a god that I didn’t believe in. They told us that to find our selves we first needed to find a man to fill our hearts named God. They claim that we fill our flashlights with junk but when we close the lid the flashlight doesn’t work, the flashlight will only light up with the battery of God put inside. I believe that you can make the flashlight work without finding God.
They then sent us outside to the dark, sandy beach where the breeze made me shiver. We were told to pray to God to forgive us for all the “junk” we were filling our flashlights with and to ask him to be the battery of our flashlight. The meaning of the flashlight seemed like a deep concept to me, but the God shaped battery did not fit. As we walked onto the cool sand everyone was silent and looked like a giant herd of zombies headed for the roaring waves of the ocean. As I walked I felt as if I were wearing a yellow shirt in a group of black shirts, I didn’t belong there, I was an outsider. The cold sand squished between my toes as I slowly marched with the rest of the band towards the water. People branched off right and left to find their own spot in the sand to pray. By the time I reached the water few were left, yet the remaining people sat and bowed their heads to pray. I continued to walk in the water along the shore and let the waves mercilessly smash me with their cool essence.
The leaders beckoned us back in with a whistle and everyone stood up at the exact same moment in time and headed back to the resort in unison. But I continued to walk. I am my own person and I always will be.

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