"Thou Shalt Not Kill"?

December 14, 2007
By michael goodlett, Nicholasville, KY

What if hunting was wrong? What if hunting for a purpose was wrong? What if we couldn’t kill our food? Would we become vegetarians? Would we starve or freeze to death in the winter? Well, I believe that killing for a purpose is not wrong.

“Thou shall not kill”. That is what it says in the Ten Commandments. But I did not know if it was for hunting and fishing. So as usual I asked. I asked my priest “does hunting and fishing go against the 6th commandment” his response was “hunting and fishing do not go against the ten commandments if you have a purpose, such as for food or for clothing”

After I asked about hunting and fishing, I went hunting. Even if he said it was wrong. I would still hunt and fish. I have killed deer, turkey, and squirrel. One day my cousin in-law called me to go hunting. Well, we went to my uncle’s farm. We got ready to go; we packed up our ammo and anything else we might need. We set off to go hunt for squirrel. We were gone for 7 hours. Out of the 7 hours we bagged 11. I got 6 and John got 5. We went to 3 different locations to hunt on my uncle’s farm. My cousin in-law got the last one, when he shot the bullet hit the squirrel and it clung to the tree and finally fell down, but when it fell it got caught between a split tree and started kicking his legs. But we had a purpose for killing them because when we got home we skinned them and deep fried them. They were delicious.

Unlike hunting, I would wave to say that being scaled and gutted alive would suck. Yes, I am talking about fish. When you catch a fish they are usually alive. So when you gut them, they are still alive, normally. Land animals are usually dead when you clean them. I have caught many fish, from bluegill to trout to bass to musky to catfish and many other fish. Catfish and trout are the best fresh water fish I have had. Me and my uncle went on a fishing trip for trout. Well, we were their for abut 12 hours. We caught 14 in all, but my uncle of curse, caught more than me. He got 8 and I got 6, I had a bad day. And we ate them so we had a reason.

Wrong? No, not wrong! Especially if you have a purpose. Like clothing which requires the animals fur or for food. Asking a priest helped me clear it all up it can help you to.

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on Sep. 4 2009 at 5:33 pm
Sw33t_M3cA BRONZE, Virgin Islands, Other
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Ok yea the bible does say thou must not kill and I believe it to be true. But here is where i disagree your kinda taking it out of context. Ask yourself, Why did God allow the Isrealites to kill and battle for what really he could've make them drown themselves, yet that is not my point. If killing for food is what your really getting at (cause I'm not really sure), In Acts 10 God told Peter to kill and eat, now that is after the Ten Commandments so I know God is one to contradict himself so what was that all about. Well, if you research the bible to it's fullest (which i believe noone can really do. But you can try) you see that Jesus Christ died so all the commandment stuff can be clear. I mean he died for a reason the commandment are rule and not all follow... so jus reconsider or at least think about it... my opinion.

Gossamer said...
on Jul. 29 2009 at 3:05 am
Gossamer, North Hill, Other
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This is kind of a jumpy article - one second you're talking about whether or not hunting is wrong, the next second it just sounds like a journal entry. Plus you have a lot of spelling mistakes.

I think you're right, though. People have been raising and eating animals for, well, forever, but it wasn't causing global warming in 200 B.C., was it? I think the Earth is perfectly capable of handling greenhouse gases produced by livestock, as long as we keep all those other, more luxury-connected emissions under control. No offense, arrowed_rain, but if everyone used flourescent lightbulbs, turned down their heaters and AC, got fuel-efficient cars, left off most of the lights in their houses for an hour each evening, rode bikes and walked instead of using cars more often and planted a few trees in the right places, do you really think the cows would be our downfall?

on Jul. 29 2009 at 2:46 am
HisTinyDancer GOLD, Mount Olive, North Carolina
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In a way I agree with this piece and in a way I don't.

I don't think people should hunt as much as they do . We are consuming to much food and in doing that we are taking it from others, both animal or human. Also, if you look at certain places we look like we could do with out a lot, considering the fact that so many get by with much less. They are not greedy and see no reason to kill much since they are able to live off the land. They help and take care of it. They are thankful for the meat that the do kill and they thank both the animal and our creator for the gift.

The part I agree with is that it is not wrong to kill as long as there is a good reason behind it. Jesus even ate meat, so that means that killing animals to eat them is not a sin. And yet within this I can find a fault. What if someone decided that they did not like any animal meat that the world could offer him? What if it even made him sick? And so he decided to try human meat? And so he killed a person, with a relatively good reason. To eat. To survive. What then? Would that be a sin or not?

on Jul. 28 2009 at 6:02 pm
xXsmileXx PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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Sure, hunting for purpose isn't wrong. i mean in the bible it says people have dominion over animals. But to hunt just for the sport of it? NO! Really, just because you do eat it doesn't mean it was necessity. And squirrel? Cute little Squirrel? Personally i could never stomach it. But this is a well argued piece and you didn't dive into it without research and facts. So, nice job.

on Jul. 26 2009 at 1:46 pm
a_bunch_of_nuns, Unknown, Wisconsin
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Producing meat is the #1 thing destroying the Ozone layer, so yes; I think hunting is wrong. (I am a vegatarian I recommend you read a Peta magazine)

But in a way, I think it is right. Long time ago, vegetarianism wasn't around; or, if it was, the people that followed it surely didn't live long. So yes, hunting was needed.

Although I disagree with this piece, I think it is a good point and well-written. So keep it up!

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