Difference and Acceptance

March 24, 2010
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Its easy to misunderstand spirituality and being spiritually open. Really there isn't much difference except your attitude and emotional levels. See what people don't really understand is that the only way to be truly spiritual is to be in many ways emotionally stable to where if an incident was to happen your body wouldn't just break down and emotions would flare into a high roar. As to where when you are spiritually open you can be as stated" emotionally unstable" and be able to flare up and lose control just as long as you hold on to those common " laws" that you hold personally. Don't take it as you have to be 100% in control because when push come to shove even spiritual people have their moments where they lose control. Never should anyone give up the hope or idea of becoming a spiritual person because even when you think your not right or your not ready its a lie you are telling your self. If human kind never created fire then we would have never survived, that analogy is the same with entering spirituality, anyone can become spiritual regardless. So if ever one wants to go for it just go push yourself to it and don't let society stop you. Regardless the real enemy you have to worry about is yourself. So never forget the difference between Spiritual and Spiritually open because you are better off being Spiritual then Spiritually open. Yet most of all the rewards from Spirituality personally are astounding and never will you be able to be more proud and self confident after trying Spirituality.

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Anagam said...
Jul. 14, 2011 at 8:53 pm

i like how you say people shuldnt think they're not ready to be spiritual

do u have any advice as to how to become more spiritual? and how to stop caring about public criticism??

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