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Beliefs Can Kill You

March 3, 2010
By TheProphet GOLD, Antelope, California
TheProphet GOLD, Antelope, California
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Not only is the future unwritten, but it also belongs to us.

To start, I don't subscribe to a specific religion. I was raised by a lazy Christian and an active skeptic. I attended church only once in my lifetime, and was slightly disappointed when 3 hours of sitting and listening to a sermon didn't bring me any closer to their so-called God. So I gave up. I hadn't ever been that interested to begin with, it was merely an experiment. A hit or miss. Mostly a miss that time, though.

Is there really a God? I couldn't care less. Don't think I'm trying to offend anyone, because I'm not. It's just not something I agonize over. Heaven? Hell? St. Peter? Satan? Angels and demons and damnation and floating around on clouds and being reunited with loved ones? None of it's my cup of tea. I'm more worried abou locking my keys in the car than the afterlife, but I've got a legitimate explanation.

I'm not, as you take me to be, an ignorant fool. I don't push away information about the religions, whether it's Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, Satanism, Frisbeetarianists or whatever. I consider everything. It's all valuable, whether it pertains to me at present or not. I don't exclusively believe in any of it, and I don't dismiss any of it with a wave of my hand and an eyeroll - with one exception.

I try to obtain information of the highest (and most unbiased) quality, meaning I search it out in encyclopedias in the back of libraries, rather than flipping on the idiot box to Fox news or CNN.

The point of all this? To form ideas and theories to ponder over as opposed to beliefs that are nearly impossible to change and cause a lot of noise but never get anything done.
For me, everything relating to religion is one big MAYBE. And if something is a MAYBE, it's less likely that people will die or kill for it. I like the way that sounds. Maybe God's a woman, and that's why men are supposedly the superior being here on Earth, to justify the supreme being, being a woman. Maybe God's a sadist or a puppeteer or someone who would really like playing The Sims. Maybe there is no God. Maybe there is no God but there's still a Heaven and a Hell, and you get to choose where you go once you die but you can never migrate between the two so you should choose wisely. Maybe the Bible is just another fairytale, like the stuff penned by The Brothers Grimm. Any maybe we're all nutters, trying to trick ourselves into believing there's more life after death only a different kind of life.

I shrug my shoulders at beliefs. Because maybe, religion is not something to follow, just something to observe. Less people die that way, and we can all have together if something turns out a little weird.

The author's comments:
What if your religion is wrong? Is it worth being on the incorrect side? Is it worth being so serious about something that you can't reassess your position?

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on Mar. 14 2010 at 6:50 pm
TheProphet GOLD, Antelope, California
14 articles 0 photos 24 comments

Favorite Quote:
Not only is the future unwritten, but it also belongs to us.

Well snotwad, that last sentence is supposed to read "laugh" together... >_<

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