What Determines Value and Happiness

February 28, 2010
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I thought about it for a second and realized that the influence of money in a person's life is so great, yet it does not make a person truly happy when there is no kind of feeling behind it. When there is no feel behind anything it looses value which may seem to be a hard thing to process when first heard. But let me give an example, if there is a woman who works all day endlessly she has a lot of money but she lives alone, lacks friends, and her family has become so distant because of her excessive engagements at work. Can we conclude that this woman has wealth because she can buy whatever she pleases and do what she wants? No, because she lacks the reason behind her work in other words there has to be a gratifying feel to what she is doing in order for it to be known as valuable.

The true meaning of life is to be happy. However, people get confused with this ideal of money that it makes the world go round, and while it is a huge help, people forget is that there would be no purpose of spending money in the world if it is not going to positively impact lives. In the world, the United States in particular, everyone is running after the money, the fancy clothes, top of the line cars, and extravagant lifestyle. Yes, everybody loves and everyone wants these things, but things will always get old. Things wear, get overused, break, and get stolen.

What then makes things valuable? When they have what you can cannot see but can feel behind them, it is the love, the effort, thought, a special memory, those are things which are priceless. What really stays with a person are things done and cannot be erased, the purpose of why you bought or received that thing.

All people, no matter if you are going to school, working, or merely just leaving the door, need to focus more on what is valuable in what they do, say, or buy because something feels good about having a reason why you work hard, and strive to achieve whether it is for your family, yourself, or a friend because it adds value.

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