January 21, 2010
By XTheHybridOneX GOLD, Richmond, Virginia
XTheHybridOneX GOLD, Richmond, Virginia
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It is time for a Revolution. I am stepping out of my comfort zone now and am no longer afraid to tell you who I really am. I am stating that I am a Christian, and the worst part is most of my friends probably wouldn't believe it. I am starting a revolution because our generation is just going into the dumps. The worst part is not only have I watched as kids did drugs and caused chaos, but I was apart of it. I am stating this as a revolution because I don't want to see my younger siblings and friends fall like I have. This is a declaration that I am choosing to live for something greater than drugs and all that other stuff from now on. I know that some will laugh or say this is just bull but at least I have the courage to say what I believe. I want to state that I live for Christ, I now live to reach those who have fallen. I want to reach those who don't realize what chance they have to make an extraordinary difference in their life. This isn't just for me this for others to say what they believe in. I want teens to know that it's okay to stand up for your beliefs. I always thought that it would be scary letting my friends know that I was a christian or what they call a goody goody church kid, but no people have it all wrong. Just because I go to church doesn't mean I am super strict and all of that, no it just means I live for something better. I want people to realize that it's okay to believe and that they shouldn't be afraid. I am stating this as a revolution because I want others like me to be apart of it. Trust me I know it can be hard to reach out to your friends because you think you may get criticized and looked down upon, but I would rather make a difference in one persons life by stating what I believe than never doing it at all. I am also stating that I am getting it together I am re-evaluating my priorities in life. I am going to start living for what's good in life and stop living for what I call a quick happy. I am asking for support in this revolution because I don't think many teens know how cool Christians can be. I'm not asking you to tell me a life story but instead just say what you think and let others know that yes, you do believe in God. So I ask that if you believe than join The Revolution and help save generations to come.

The author's comments:
I felt the need to speak out on what I believe in. Feel free to comment this with agreements and/or disagreements.

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person said...
on Jan. 23 2012 at 6:47 pm
prertty inspiring! It's great to know there are people out there who wondering stuff I do. I'm 12 years old and im a christian too. I stumbled apon this and I couldn't leave without commenting. Thankyou for writing this.


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