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Most Recent Social Issues / Civics Articles

Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

Techno Path
By , phoenix, AZ
As a freshman at Arizona State University, I am overwhelmed with my classes, work, and personal life. If this was not enough, I am constantly being consumed by an infectious addiction that distracts me from what I am supposed to do: technology.... (more »)
The Problem with Poverty
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The cold clutch of poverty has reached far too many Americans to be acceptable by our standards. We must stand up to the government and stop the increasing number of citizens who refuse to embrace the lifestyle of the wealthy. For... (more »)
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 Have you ever been misjudged? I did before this one time in second  grade. It was the first week of school i into class i didn't know anyone in the class there was so many kids in one class then the teacher walk over to come and... (more »)
Everything Happens for a Reason
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 “Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together.” -Marilyn Monroe. This quote really speaks to me because she is trying to tell everyone that it’s not the end of the... (more »)
Police Brutality
By , orlando, FL
On Friday, September 16,2016 in Oklahoma; an unarmed black man knows as Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by a female officer, Betty Shelby. In regards to the recent mass rush of police brutality, it has continued to destroy our citizens. The... (more »)
Why Abraham Lincoln Is the Best President
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Abraham Lincoln was the first president to do many things: he was the first president to have a beard, the first to be assassinated, the first born outside of the 13 original states, the first, and only, to have a pet cat eat at the White House... (more »)
Mail Call!
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Dear Veteran, Thank you for your service! You probably hear those five words a lot, but you deserve it. All of you deserve that and way more for what you did for this country. I’d like to show you my gratitude and how humble I am... (more »)
Secrets from the President
By , Hartland, WI
If the opportunity of a lifetime arose to allow me to meet a figure from the past, I would be honored to meet old President Nixon. Assuming he would be able to tell me everything uncensored, I would ask him all about the life of being a... (more »)
Humane or Harmful?
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Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, is a topic that brings up silence in conversation. The topic is so widely controversial people are afraid to talk about it. I’m here to talk. With grave offenses, the United States... (more »)
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Thump. Click. I head away from my room and into a new day of classes. Earbuds drumming away, I glance around. Some posters are on a wall. I dodge a student heading to a class of their own. Minutes later I arrive at my classroom. With a few... (more »)
How to End Rampant Inequality
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In our nation and our world we have one underlying issue, inequality. I believe that inequality is a problem that needs to be solved across all communities and cities. Contrary, to people's belief fixing inequality isn’t getting rid... (more »)
A Destructive Feeling
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Destructive – What is the most destructive feeling in the world? Everyday, everyone on earth experiences this day differently. Everyone has different perspectives on their approach of life, making them have different views and beliefs.... (more »)
Money Does Not Buy True Happiness
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Picture this, you have just made your routine morning run to Sheetz to grab a coffee. While the machine is purring and letting a trickle of coffee start to pour your nose smells the aroma and you turn to find something to do instead of watching... (more »)
Misconceptions: Mental Illness
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This is one of the most difficult challenges our world battles silently that affects the rich and poor, male or female, old or young. Mental illness is an ongoing problem that can strike anyone. It is a widespread problem that would be something... (more »)
Is Science Becoming More Immoral?
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With the burgeoning in the scientific industry and a spike in number of scientists vying for limited sponsors, governmental grants and public approval, it is no wonder than more are motivated to breach previously high-regarded moral and ethical... (more »)
Your Dark Blanket.
By , Park City, UT
Do you ever feel like there is just a blanket of darkness surrounding you that you just can’t escape? The blanket filled with sadness, anger, and loss that just drags around with you all day. Like a shadow that never leaves no matter how... (more »)
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