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Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

THH: My Country, Tis of Thee
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I borrowed the movie Moonlight because it won for Best Picture, and also because it looked so mysterious, so artsy. It was the account of a boy, in three stages, growing up poor, black, and gay in Miami. I was going to watch it that weekend,... (more »)
Should Teens Drive?
By , pontiac, MI
Should teens start driving at 13? Some people say that they should drive. 80% of people say yes for 13 year-olds to drive. One thing 13 year-olds should drive is that responsibility is the main thing a teens needs. Secondly, they sometimes... (more »)
The Humanities Make Us Human This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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The humanities are what make us human. Though this may seem obvious, the word humanities has two meanings. First, it is defined as a collection of all human beings, or as human nature. Second, it is the study of the classics. It makes sense... (more »)
Where's the Empathy? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Hipsterism is, in one light, a subset of popular culture defined by Polaroid cameras, cold brew coffee from local cafés, skinny jeans, and beards. In another light, though, hipsterism is a dangerous influence on young adults in their... (more »)
Looking Back This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Austin, TX
My Grandmother recently dropped off an old photo album at my house. It features pictures of my mom and her siblings during the peak of the 80’s, their college years. My aunt had curly bangs, electric-pink blush, and shoulder pads. My mom... (more »)
Just a Thought
I may be American, but I care for more than just the American people. I don't want people to die, period. Why am I expected to limit my view to my country? I am part of the human race, I care for more than just the safety of those... (more »)
The Truth About American Values
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Who are the people who risk their lives for the safety of this country? Who are the people who leave everything they love behind for the sake of American citizens? Who are the people who are there for us when things go wrong? Who do you call... (more »)
Why We Still Need Feminism This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I am a woman, not unlike some of you. Not unlike your mothers, your sisters; not unlike your future daughters.  Both globally and historically, we have most certainly not been treated fairly, respectfully, or even humanely.  In fact,... (more »)
Education Should Be Free for Everyone
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Education is a choice for some, while for others, school isn’t an option. Kids all around America can go to school, earn a degree in college, and even get a job. For most kids, education isn’t an option for them. They can’t go... (more »)
Spanking Children Can Lead to Abuse
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Child abuse is a serious issue that the most people agree upon as a taboo. It is considered unethical and disgusting to ever harm a child. However, what qualifies as child abuse is not as easy to dictate. There has been discussion as to what... (more »)
Qualities of Effective Leadership
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What is a leader? Who is a leader? How do you know what a leader looks like? Forbes Magazine published an article in December 2015 entitled The 10 Golden Rules of Leadership. Inside the article, it talks about how the best leaders make a... (more »)
Freedom, Security, or Privacy?
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In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, millions of Americans called for increased government security measures for fear of letting such crimes recur. However, this new surveillance involved the loss of some fundamental freedoms among... (more »)
Life Is Like a Can of Play-doh
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Ever wonder what the meaning of life really is? It's such a open ended question that some of us will never find the answer, but I have. I believe the meaning of life is what you make it. If you end up a doctor and save hundreds upon hundreds of... (more »)
Social Media Is Destroying Humanity
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Have you ever thought about how social media really impacts teenagers? How their mental health, school work, relationships, and lifestyle could be affected from sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter?... (more »)
The Perfect World of Right and Wrong
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In the words of Neal Shusterman, “In a perfect world everything would be either black or white, right or wrong, and everyone would know the difference. But this isn't a perfect world. The problem is people who think it is.” He... (more »)
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Holster the Weapon
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People use them daily. We use them as we go back and forth from work and school, as we take a quick trip to the grocery store, or as we take that long, repetitive journey across town. Am I describing a cell phone or a car? The problem with this... (more »)
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