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Most Recent Social Issues / Civics Articles

Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

Evolution and Creationism in the Public School...
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Evolution is the process by which living organisms develop and diversify over successive generations (“Evolution”). According to Charles Darwin, who first published the theory of evolution in 1859, all life on Earth is descended from a... (more »)
The extravert ideal
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The Extrovert Ideal Our society favors the extroverted. We see being outgoing and bold as an admirable quality, why? We encourage individuals to strive in social situations, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but we discourage solitude and... (more »)
Killing Lincoln Review
By , Louisville, KY
Killing Lincoln Review After reading Killing Lincoln, all I felt was amazement; amazement that I had not known the whole story of the assassination of President Lincoln. This book starts out by describing the last battles between the... (more »)
Societal Issues with Religion
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As a Muslim girl who lives in a place like Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where there are barely any Islamic people, I feel extremely alone and depressed. I try my best to fit in with the people who have another faith or belief such as Christianity and... (more »)
Same sex marriages should be legalized
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A big social issue in the United States today is the question whether same sex marriages should be legal or not. Many people have strong opinions on this topic but I think same sex marriages should be legal in every state. People argue that being... (more »)
Are Bullies Criminals?
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A big social issue in the teenage world now and days are Bullies. Are bullies really responsible and liable when people commit suicide? I believe that some bullies are criminals. Some bullies know when to stop and some just keep going until the... (more »)
The Quest for Heroism
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What makes someone a modern hero? A contemporary hero is an individual admired for their strength, bravery, and selflessness. Showing lamentation and emotional weakness are traits rarely seen expressed openly in modern heroes, due to the fact that... (more »)
carbon copies This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The average human speaks 10,000 words per day. Actually, to be more accurate, a woman averages 20,000 and a man averages at a meager 7,000 [a somewhat stark comparison, I know], but the point of this essay is not to talk about how the female... (more »)
Kate Chopin: The Feminist Leader
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Kate Chopin was an author born into the era of Civil War and a very big question floating around. The Women’s Rights Movement was in full swing during her lifetime. The question was if women should gain rights in voting. Up until then, only... (more »)
The Struggle
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Guys and girls are very different from one another, and I think this is an obvious situation that everyone can see. Not only are they different sexes but they have very different interests. Girls like playing with dolls and “drinking tea”;... (more »)
Capital Punishment
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Capital Punishment Should we punish those who do harm to us? Is that who we are? We call ourselves humans. What do we understand by the word humans? Do we mean mankind or do we mean people who are humane or rather beings that are humane. Why, is... (more »)
Equal rights for all or just some?
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Imagine being unable to have the right to own property because of your eye color. Imagine getting disgusted looks by passersby and seeing mothers hurrying their children away from people like you. Imagine people telling you to stop being the way... (more »)
Is Rock Music A Bad Influence or Is Rap?
By , Santee, CA
Rock music is a better influence than rap music is. People everywhere say rock music is bad, but it’s not. Rap music is mainly consisted of drug or other substance use. Rock music has lyrics that have meaning behind them like finding a lost... (more »)
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Online Abuse is Still Abuse
Almost every adolescent has access to the internet nowadays and most of them have a mobile phone. Therefore it is not surprising that cyberbullying, or bullying through these new technologies, is increasing. To put cyberbullies to a stop it is... (more »)
Princess Propaganda This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“I want to be a princess when I grow up.” What little girl hasn’t fantasized about being a princess? The concept of gliding over an Arabian city on a magic carpet or waking up to a kiss from a long awaited Prince Charming is of course... (more »)
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Community Service
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Community service is something that everybody should’ve experienced at least once as teenagers. It shows you the value of having responsibilities. Even the school asks teenagers about the community services that they provided to their community.... (more »)
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