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Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

The Mind of Immortality
Here’s the deal.  You can stop listening to me right now and look me right in the eye and call me a nobody, and I will reply “Why the hell, do you think I wrote this?”  You see that title above? It says that there is a chance to live... (more »)
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“You can be amazing. You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug. You can be the outcast or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love. Or you can start speaking up. Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that words do... (more »)
16 years! 16 years gone to waste. I’m 16 years behind, almost 17 years of my life flashed right past me while i just sat there and watched as it happened. In a  few months I’ll be 17. 17 acting like a preschooler. A 17 year old... (more »)
Understanding Rape Through The Sociopath's...
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“The woman executive was raped allegedly by Shiv Kumar Yadav, a driver with Uber on Friday night, 5th of December, this year. Now it has emerged that he is a serial sex offender who was allegedly involved in two separate cases of rape in... (more »)
Gun Control
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Gun control is one of the most controversial, hotly debated issues of our time. Proponents want to restrict gun use or possession in some way in the interest of public safety, while opponents of gun control stand firmly on principles of... (more »)
LIKE Yourself!
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Disturbing and abominable; those are words that describe how I feel seeing woman without self-respect. Now days many woman want to date the hottest boy at any cost. Sadly most of the times they do things that lower their value as a lady. I see... (more »)
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Wisdom.  What is wisdom? Wisdom is nothing but an obscurity to a hormonal teenager.  A rarity found only in the minds of people who have required it over a lifetime.  It’s learned over the term of the senseless life of... (more »)
Does School Suspension Work?
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Out-of-school suspension and expulsion should only be a punishment for the most severe cases of student behavior. We can all agree that we should discipline school children for their bad behavior, but should they be given out-of-school... (more »)
Definition of Drama
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In the real world, an average human being will go through drama that impacts his or her life whether it involves theater or drama with interacting people in a series of events. This drama could be relative to someone’s hobby of acting or... (more »)
Why Republicans Are Getting the Torture Reports...
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“The waterboarding technique was physically harmful, inducing convulsions and vomiting. Abu Zubaydah, for example, became "completely unresponsive, with bubbles rising through his open, full mouth.' Sleep deprivation involved keeping... (more »)
Chivalry Is Dying
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When I speak of chivalry I don’t mean the qualities of a knight. I mean the chivalrous behavior: considerate and courteous behavior, especially shown by a man toward women. Chivalry is a big part of being a gentleman. The way a man acts... (more »)
The Amazing Truth About Video Games
Do you like playing the latest video games like GTA…well you shouldn’t because these awesome games can be bad for you. Video games can be really bad for your physical health. Video games can also be bad for your mental health. Kids... (more »)
Identity Crisis
By , Hoffman Estates, IL
I’ve always wondered if life is like the movies. Not necessarily the plot, but the way the people act. The characters seem to be so mature, and I wonder if people in real life are the same way. Being eighteen, I feel like people my age... (more »)
Legitimacy of the Boston Tea Party and the...
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“The Destruction of the Tea,” or what is now known as the Boston Tea Party, was the seizure and subsequent destruction of East India Company tea at Boston Harbor in late 1773.  It is widely thought that this event was pivotal... (more »)
No to Banning Books
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¨Come right up close to me and I will show you something wonderful¨. This line was spoken by the ladybug in the book James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. I feel this quote is very personal to me because it makes you feel that... (more »)
A Generation Looking Down
Text Messaging, also known as texting, is widely popular because of its accelerated and entertaining prospects. Texting is so well-liked that society has trouble leaving the virtual world and putting their phones down. Walking, talking,... (more »)
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