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Most Recent Social Issues / Civics Articles

Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

"You Save Yourself or You Remain... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“What were you wearing?” This question is asked to women after they reveal that have been raped. It has become increasingly common to ask this. And frankly it’s disgusting. It does not matter what the woman was wearing.... (more »)
Are You Paying Attention to the World Around You?
Do you think about the words that come out of your mouth? I never thought much of the words that people say until I lost someone. Once I overheard a girl say, “He is gonna go to college with me so I don't kill myself.” I lost it... (more »)
Eating Alone: An Exposé This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I have had the same conversation roughly 79 billion times, and it still unsettles me. Interestingly, only once has it been with a male. It usually goes something like this: “Oh God, don’t you just hate going to the dining... (more »)
Pretty Princesses or Pretty Messed Up? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Beauty pageants are commonly associated with high-glitz and glamour. Audiences love watching women compete in different categories such as talent and beauty, as well as hearing about their opinions on global and social issues. The celebrated... (more »)
Jason Derulo Should Be Banned From the Radio
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Today’s popular music is nothing like it was ten years ago and is nothing like what it will be 10 years from now; or so one can hope. Between the malfunctioning fax machines used as background music and the lyrics that find a way to be... (more »)
Why Men Need Feminism Too
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Feminism is a movement where women want political, social, and economic equality with men. This movement has been going on for years. Some believe the meaning of this movement is to show that women are superior to men and that is totally false.... (more »)
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Ideas spread like this; mind to the person then person to the mind. Ideas are spread by advertisements by words by people, as I said before. Ideas are spread by talking, by singing, by dancing, by art. An effective way to spread ideas is... (more »)
Living with a Disability
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Social issues exist everywhere. They cause problems within a society, and once they get to a certain point, it is difficult to reverse the negative influence they have on an individual or group. For those individuals living with disabilities,... (more »)
Generosity This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The sun was setting and the tiny shops were starting to close their little wooden doors. But elsewhere, it was all just getting started. The town of Madrid, Spain was coming to life. On the large historic plaza, performers and skaters were... (more »)
So You're an Animal Lover?
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You call yourself an animal-lover, yet you allow billions of mammals, and trillions of marine animals, to be tortured. In fact, you support it. Ninety-nine percent of all farmed animals are raised and slaughtered in factory farms. Factory farms... (more »)
Everyone's Life Story
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I love stories. I do, I truly do, with about every passion that can be inside a person. I feel like this is why I can look around any environment I'm in and think it's beautiful. People are everywhere, all with their trials and hardships, their... (more »)
Crackdown On Lax U.S. Gun Laws
The purchase of firearms in the United States is soaring. U.S. citizens ultimately own nearly half of all the guns in the world (Wallace-Wells). Many states have lax gun control laws that have allowed the sale of weapons to swell (Murphy 5).... (more »)
American Dreams
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America is the country of opportunity, with programs to help you do whatever you want. Just because your family is poor doesn’t mean you can have the same job or choices as someone in the upper class. You just have to work harder.... (more »)
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Choice. A word that isn’t even in peoples vocabularies all around the world. A word Americans are far too familiar with.  The freedom of selecting or making a decision is what Americans have grown accustomed to.  If you were an American... (more »)
America is The Place Where You Can Be Free
By , hartland, WI
In America, we have freedom. We have freedom of speech. where we can say anything that is on our minds, with no one telling us we can’t say that. We each have our own opinions, and we can all express that. The best thing about freedom is that... (more »)
Proud to be an American
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American pride is handed down through the generations. Thanking the ones that fought to keep our country free. My dad and grandpa Spillman served in the Navy. That’s why i'm proud to be an American. It’s the pride of being a... (more »)
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