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Most Recent Social Issues / Civics Articles

Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

Control the Violence
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After the tragic Isla Vista shootings at University of California Santa Barbara, the father of one of the slain students has decided to fight back against these episodes of mass shootings by leading a gun control campaign. He has accused... (more »)
Humanity Over Nationality
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In the second paragraph of the United States constitution it states that, “All men were created equal…” This statement should have come with a disclaimer saying, “unless you’re not an American citizen in which case you are far less... (more »)
Never Let People Talk You Down
We all see how people get treated if they do not fit in with the "popular crowd". People that sit alone and do not talk to many people are called "loners". All these names that people get called are just names. Even if people... (more »)
Animals: Pets or Property?
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Does your neighbor's dog have untreated wounds on its body? Is it missing hair, extremely thin, or infested with ticks and fleas? There may be a chance this animal is being neglected or abused. In this case it is your responsibility to report... (more »)
Being Educated or Being Polite? Where`s the...
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Being educated is one thing.But being polite is distinctly a further detail.Education is half-imposed,is something spartan and cruely learned by our parents(sometimes),meanwhile politeness...No,it`s something different.It comes ,in most of... (more »)
Need Thin
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Skinny. This one word brings a billion images to mind. This one word is something that the media glorifies and what billions of people strive to be. The problem strikes when this is no longer about living a healthy lifestyle. Instead, this becomes... (more »)
How To Socialize
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There is an epidemic of awkward teenagers in the world today. To help combat this problem top scientists have formulated the proper procedures that must be taken when one is put into a social situation. As for all problems people face, the first... (more »)
Violence Revealed
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“On August 28, in Bronx New York, a car chase rolled onto I 95. A man and a woman in an SUV were smashed of the road and flipped over. The shove came from a man driving a green cab. When the car had crashed, the man stepped out of his vehicle... (more »)
THH: Morality in the Realm of Telly
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When we usually pick up the remote and crash lovingly into our crash course couch, we are usually depleted of will, spirit, and starvation. We have just come back from a gut-wrenching day of listening to our boss yell his lungs out, a... (more »)
Never Give Up
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Someone very wise once told me “Be the change you wish to see in the world .” at first I thought it was stupid now I realize it’s probably was the best advice anyone could ever give me and I hope it’ll inspire you just like it did me . You... (more »)
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The Importance of the First Amendment
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The 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people... (more »)
The Democratic and Undemocratic Features of...
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People came to America for freedom and better opportunities. Starting in 1630, during the Great Migration era, England had 13 colonies in America. There were three different regions in Colonial America: the New England Colonies, the Middle... (more »)
Hypocritical World
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Why is it that being gay is still frowned upon in today’s society? Why is it that the catholic church is still not accepting of the gay community? Why do kids who have “come out of the closet” still worry about being bullied everyday at... (more »)
Corrie Ten Boom
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What’s the definition of civil disobedience? According to Google, civil disobedience is “the refusal to comply with certain laws considered unjust, as a peaceful form of political protest”. In short, civil disobedience is when people do not... (more »)
It's Amazing the Difference a Minute Can Make
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As I was becoming upset with my dad for being late for picking me up at the library, I saw an elderly woman carrying a pile of boxes. I was brought up well, so I rushed to help her with her boxes. “Do you need any help?” The woman practically... (more »)
The Beauty of Arrogance and the Horrors of...
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On a recent Dr. Phil episode, a young woman who was twenty eight years old, confessed that she did want to have children since this would ruin her figure. She carried a mirror with her wherever she went, which she used to make sure that she looked... (more »)
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