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Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

Avoiding Our Age of Distractions
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This essay is a part of many peoples lives. And unless we point those people to the right direction, they may ultimately lose their aspiration for success. This is just my warning. First, let me present you with an innocent problem children... (more »)
Usage of Nazi's Experiments
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Should doctors and scientists be able to use data from Nazi death camp experiments? The Holocaust was the genocide of many groups, including Jews, by the German Nazi administration during World War II. Nazi doctors conducted as many as 30... (more »)
If I Were the Mayor This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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In the tumultuous age of present day, leaders are needed more than ever to find light in the never-ending tunnel. If I were the mayor of my town, I would focus on two goals: eradicating underage drinking and supporting the LGBTQ community.... (more »)
Drones: Saviours or Murderers?
By , Murree, Pakistan
Imagine you were standing outside your house one day on a sunny day, enjoying the tranquillity of nature around you. Imagine that as you admired the pearly blue sky, suddenly “[e]verything [is] dark and [you can’t] see... (more »)
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What is your title? What do people refer to you as? What does that say about respect? Do people even respect you? Do you respect yourself? We as humans must answer these questions in order to become better people. But first we need to... (more »)
Garnet: A Great Representation of a Gay...
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“I am made of love” (Stronger Than You). The Cartoon Network show Steven Universe, by Rebecca Sugar, exposes children to many sensitive topics that most kid shows aren't willing to explore. Subjects such as, abusive... (more »)
Suicide Prevention
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While walking the halls of my school on September 11, 2017 this reporter had a realization. My school has invested in anti - bullying campaigns and clubs such as Students Against Violence Everywhere or S.A.V.E. However, suicide prevention has... (more »)
What Happened
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What happened to us. Look at us. What did we do wrong. We look at ourselves as humans. That is true. Sometimes we don’t know who we are until we are what we are. The world today isn’t what it was yesterday. It changes everyday. You... (more »)
The Power of the Teacher
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I would like to start off with an assertion. Teachers, students are not a canvas for you to paint your opinions on. This is a chronic, severe problem throughout the United States. Kids are being manipulated and changed to be pawns in a larger... (more »)
A New Cool
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The “cool” people are the ones you want to be like, or the ones you want to be friends with. Most people think that in order to be “cool” you have to act a certain way, which is being unkind to others. Even if it’s giving someone a... (more »)
Theft versus Indifference
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Albert Einstein once said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” Many hold the belief that theft is a greater offence than indifference. Redistributive theft is... (more »)
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How Can You Really Help?
By , Cave Creek, AZ
When we help the homeless, we don’t really think about how the money we give them is actually helping or not, but what if you gave them food or clothing instead? People often say that there are only certain people who really deserve our help;... (more »)
What Not To Wear This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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At just 12 years old, I rushed through the crowded hallways of my middle school. I squeezed past my classmates while holding my books to my chest, trying desperately to hide my shirt from any faculty, avoiding eye contact to the best of my... (more »)
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The Entitled Generation
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We have all had to deal with situations that have made us uncomfortable, but we have still overcome them and moved on with our lives. An emergence of entitled individuals has been becoming more prominent in recent years, which unfortunately... (more »)
One Reason Why (Because Who Has Time for...
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If you,as a young adult,overthink about world peace as a hobby, dinner table debates on communism v/s capitalism is your element and you can pull any issue apart at the seams, even if it is a covfefe tweet by the US President, like I casually do... (more »)
By , Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
But have you ever heard that green tea helps with anxiety? Have you ever thought my fast heart beats is because of a flashback that crossed my head? Have you ever noticed that my eyes go limp? Have you ever thought that silence might help?... (more »)
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