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Most Recent Social Issues / Civics Articles

Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

I Believe
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 “Kids in America are such brats, the kids in the orphanage I stayed with were so much fuller and more grateful.” says Sheadon Ringor, a missionary, former youth pastor, and friend. He is currently a missionary in Malawi,... (more »)
I Believe Everyone Lies
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I believe that everyone lies. Lying is a way of life for everyone, 90 percent of children by the age of four have already learned to lie. It is built into our society. What would the world be if lying did not exist? Everyday... (more »)
Capable of Success
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Every person is capable of success and achieving any goal they have in life. No matter their rank in society, their intellect, or their background. Do you agree? Have you ever doubted your ability to accomplish something? Thought you... (more »)
Juvenile's Eye
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Teenagers nowadays are very different from the last decades of teens. Common issues are oppress to tackle the changes of the new generation youngsters that seems to ruin the formal wearing and traditions of the global nation.   As we can... (more »)
Should You Fight for Peace?
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"There is no way to peace; peace is the way." - MAHATMA GANDHI Peace is a term that most commonly refers to an absence of aggression, violence or hostility.peace such a beautiful word. A word that makes us feel relaxed thinking about... (more »)
This I Believe
By , Lihue, HI
I believe that the people around us are our biggest influences we’ll ever have. I also believe that the relationships we hold with people are the most important things we’ll ever have. I believe that without the people we’ve... (more »)
This I Beleive
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I believe in joy and that it comes from within. Many people have different perceptions of joy. So what is joy really? Joy is an interesting thing, not to be confused with happiness. Happiness is a temporary feeling caused by something. Joy is... (more »)
We Are the Lost Generation
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We are the lost generation. Stuck perpetually between the sepia past and the technicolour future, we throw tears around like confetti. We revel in self-created darkness and chaos. Fiery ambition tearing through our skin like a third-degree... (more »)
Tragedy Affects Behavior
Tragedy reminds people of all the negativity present in life. It serves as the events or misfortunes caused by both physical and mental evils. Tragedy causes or is the hardship that people face on a daily basis and eventually it may define who... (more »)
Social Media's Negative Impact on Society
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Social Media is a growing component to our everyday society. Everywhere you look, social media is being used, especially on phones, from at the store, to in restaurants, to even at work. From all of this, one thing is completely clear regarding... (more »)
rewarding kids
By , herriman, UT
Do you like being rewarded with trophies when you achieve something? We all know that being rewarded is always a good feeling and all kids love it. Some like to say that people reward kids too much, rewards are very important for many things... (more »)
Animal Testing
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Animal testing has been around since the Bc times, so that new medical practices could be learned. Animal testing is a crucial part of creating new medication to fight diseases and illnesses. Without animal testing almost all the medication we... (more »)
Dysfunctional Attitude
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Learning to control your attitude is a very important matter. It is more important than everyone think it really is. There's many ways to learning how to control your attitude. There are also results, good and bad. I am one of the many who... (more »)
Imperfection Perfection
By , Clanton, AL
Society is constantly talking about the meaning of beauty the media and most of today's society make it out to be  Paperthin girls living in a Barbie world But when I see that stuff It makes me sick. Now What i wanna know is why you would want... (more »)
A Word of Advice
By , houston, TX
“ To those who have goals in life, ….congratulations you have an idea of where you are going!” stated the unknown character “ This in fact shows the simplest option in gaining anything in life, but guess what  it doesn't go as planned.... (more »)
Squishing Bugs and Each Other
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I knew I was in good hands the day I watched my best friend and my boyfriend chasing a grotesque little beetle around a room so they could put it outside where it wouldn’t be stepped on, and now I’m a believer- I believe in putting... (more »)
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