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Most Recent Social Issues / Civics Articles

Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

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Madison WesselsGratitude: The quality of being thankful and the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Perspective: there are more than two billion children in the world, I am one. I live in America, the tenth wealthiest... (more »)
Raising Criminals
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Teen crime has always been and always will be an issue.  That isn’t a debate, that is a fact.  However, in recent years, crime among America’s youth has shot through the roof.  It has people wondering: Who is to... (more »)
Without Action or Knowledge: The American...
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I am an American citizen who has every right to vote but chooses not to because I think I am morally superior to it. I complain about the state of the nation but haven’t voted since the year Bush, Jr. was elected the first time. I hate... (more »)
Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor
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Many insist the attack on Pearl Harbor was unnecessary conduct and unjustified, but they don’t have the facts. The Japanese should still be condemned for the discrepancy, yet they had vast reasons to commence the attack on Hawaii. The US... (more »)
Objects and Humans
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Unintellegent, weak, passive, emotional, quiet, patient, nurturing, dependent, irrational, subjective, and accepting. These are a few words, in today’s society, that define women. Muscular, tough, tall, assertive, independent, logical,... (more »)
Seatbelts and Airbags: Worth the Risk?
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Have you ever considered the hazard of using seatbelts and airbags? Are they tools to protect you or deadly weapons of mass destruction? It’s been debated whether or not seatbelts and airbags are for the better or the worse. Research has... (more »)
Should Police be Required to Wear Body Cameras?
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With new "body cam" technology such as GoPro becoming more prominent in today's society, debate has arisen over whether police officers should be required to wear body cameras or not, so that every action they take while on duty... (more »)
Black-White Girl
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Let me make this clear, there is no such thing as “talking white.” This phrase has been thrown around in the black community for far too long. When an African-American speaks proper English and sounds educated people refer to this as talking... (more »)
By , elk grove, CA
Bullying is a worldwide problem that is yet to be stopped and is creating a lot of conflicts in teenagers and young children. Bullying is a serious matter that schools are taking lightly, which is only allowing bullies to be truculent. It is... (more »)
Space: The Future of Humanity This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Since ancient times, humans have dreamed of “reaching for the stars.” During the past few decades, men and women have taken the first steps into a new frontier of possibility: outer space. Yet people have wondered whether the... (more »)
Start the Conversation
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She wakes up at the crack of dawn and stares herself down in the mirror. She evaluates her body like a butcher, staring at the parts she needs to cut away; thinner thighs, skinnier arms, tiniest waist. She tries not to think about the fridge... (more »)
March of the Machines
Technocracy. Machines rule our lives. Our phones absorb our every waking thought. Mechanized factories have made work scarce and brought down doom upon the urban proletariat. Processed foods, themselves semi-mechanized, destroy us from... (more »)
Patron Dictatorship
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During the Renaissance, much of the wealthy began to financially aid many artists in return for them to create any piece of art they wanted.  In articles such as Patronage of the Arts: Help or Hindrance? ,  the malevolent patrons of... (more »)
My letter to "The world".
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Dear world, First of all?Who are you?Are you Obama and a couple other leaders?Are you the children of Africa and Asia that start working at 5 years old?Are you my mom and dad,and all the parents that work as hard as they can so that I can go... (more »)
Deep Thoughts of a Teen Writer
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The things I feel make me realizae who I am, the way things are put into play show the kind of obstacles I will be over coming in my attempt to survive and live who I am and how I wanna be remembered as. As I sit in my room and hear the... (more »)
MIrror Image and Fake
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We have to be everything they are. We can never go back to who we were. Every day we change and it isn’t a good thing. Just because they want us to be something, doesn’t mean we have to fulfill that want. Yet every day we continue... (more »)
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