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Most Recent Social Issues / Civics Articles

Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

Change the World
By , Mount Calvary, WI
In today’s world there is much hate and violence going on in the world such as racism and you say it; the past holocaust. In order to stop all of this suffering, the world will have to change from this to love and forgiveness. This easier... (more »)
By , Valdosta, GA
My mom told me something that really opened my eyes,” you do more for your friends then they do for you.” I never really realized how invested I am in every friendship I have. My debate partner for instance just because of a fallout... (more »)
Stop Putting a Price on Adoption
Imagine that you just got married and you are trying to start a new life. You have had your life planned out since you were little and your main goal in life is to have kids and a family. It has been a year since you have been married and the... (more »)
Don't Shop, Adopt
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Animal shelters take in millions of dogs annually, each looking for a forever home.  While buying a little puppy at the pet shop may be tempting, resist the urge.  Rescuing a shelter dog adds a new family member, reduces expenses, and saves a... (more »)
Literary Canon
Dear Literary Canon Board of Directors, I am writing this letter because I’d like to suggest an admission for your Literature Hall of Fame. The first reason I believe Sir Arthur Conan Doyle should be included in the literary canon... (more »)
Why journalism matters
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“Journalism is about seeking the truth and reporting it,” my teacher said just before the bell rang, indicating the end of my very first journalism class. Over the past months, the phrase that held little meaning to me in that first class of... (more »)
Military Injustice
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“We must never forget why we have, and why we need our military. Our armed forces exist solely to ensure our nation is safe, so that each and every one of us can sleep soundly at night, knowing we have guardians at the gate.” -... (more »)
Is the No Child Left Behind Law Necessary?
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The No Child Left Behind Act has been active for over a decade now and was signed by President George W. Bush in 2002. But the question is, will it continue to thrive and stay active or will it be abandoned by Congress? In the Washington Post,... (more »)
The Necessity of Abolishing Child Labor
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According to the International Labor Organization, there are “some 246 million children between 5 and 17 years old are working instead of attending school” around the world (ILO,  "World Day Against Child Labour 2002: A... (more »)
Why Homosexual Marriage Should be Legalized
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In the United States of America, Americans pride themselves on the fact that the country is free for all, but in reality it is not true.There are many groups in our country that are restricted from the full rights that were established in our... (more »)
Gun Control is not the Answer
By , Frisco, TX
In what world does the removing of a protective gun from a home lead to that home being safer from home invaders and criminals? The second amendment in the United States Bill of Rights states that “the right of the people to keep and bear... (more »)
Human Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide
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Often times death is considered the cruel truth which all people must come to accept and embrace at one time in their lives; if death was a better choice than the alternative, a much different approach and opinion would be taken by society.... (more »)
Feminism in Work Force
Ever since the beginning of time, men have “ruled the world”. Women in today’s world should be able to receive equal pay in the work environment, at the same job that a man has. People should be informed of this, so... (more »)
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Book Censorship
Beginning in 1559, the Catholic Church issued the Index of Forbidden Books, preventing Catholic countries from reading books that would “corrupt the morals” of Catholics (“On Censorship”). Book censorship, like the ones... (more »)
Single-Sex Education in the Nation
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Why should someone be separated by their own gender in an educational setting? This is what some schools are doing across the nation. The practice of Single-Sex education is illegal and discriminatory, as stated by the American Civil Liberties... (more »)
Metaphorically Boomerang
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Money is like a boomerang: It can get away from you easily, but unless you have the right touch, it’ll just flop onto the ground and you’ll have to haul rear over to where it landed in order to get it back, if there’s even a chance of... (more »)
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