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Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

Video Games and Stress
Some people play video games to clear their minds and to de-stress from the world around them. Video games are known to be extremely helpful for helping people focus, but they are also known for being a huge distraction for people because they... (more »)
Suicide Is Selfish This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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You dread the sound of your alarm even though you’ve been awake for hours, staring at your ceiling with tears quietly leaking out of your eyes. Somehow, you’re going to have to leave your bed. It’s so tempting to curl up and... (more »)
Cutting Is Bad
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I'm writing this to give a message cutting isn't good. It's bad. People cut and don't relize that it's going to leave more than they expected. That's how life is. I have sevreal freinds who have cut but I never have. I... (more »)
Being Gay
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What makes them so different? They're humans too. They have eyes, nose, ears, mouths, arms, legs, just like us. Why do we do it? It's not something you can stop. Like they say, 'it's not a choice'. You can't just wake up one day and like the... (more »)
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Corrupting Our Future: A Letter to the Congress
If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.  H. G. Wells          We write today to express our distress over the actions of some of our fellow citizens. It seems to us that some have taken it... (more »)
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Its hard not loving yourself. When all you feel is disgust and discomfort, when all you see when you look in the mirror are flaws, when all you hear are hollow compliments that you know have no meaning, because there nothing but lies. To feel... (more »)
The Real Dream
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Being a person, a singular participant in this world, I should know that it takes time to see who you truly are. It takes time to stop fantasizing and dreaming about being someone you’re not. To be, and to love who you are, inside and out, is a... (more »)
Importance of Overcoming Life Obstacles
Life obstacles, those prevalent threats that ever so often cross our paths in life and bring us to the verge of giving up, because whatever new experience we might have gained is not worth the anxiety currently suffered. These obstacles are... (more »)
Time Wasted
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To me, the best time I have ever spent in my life has been doing absolutely nothing productive...simply enjoying the day as it slowly wanders by. Sometimes taking a few minutes to cherish this nothingness is the greatest gift that one can ask... (more »)
Tick Tock
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Tick Tock, life is a clock. Literally every facet of our lives is scheduled. From birth on, the clock runs our lives. From things as little as daily tasks to larger endeavors such as when it’s time to get married and have kids and retire.... (more »)
Why Stereotypes Hurt Boys and Girls Alike
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Today, I was watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with my younger brother. He’s seven years old. My dad often protests his watching a girl’s show, but we find it to be lighthearted and entertaining. It consists of six... (more »)
Beating Suicidal Thoughts
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When faced with a life full of misery the thought to end your life is an ever present thought. It's a demon whispering in out ear, it's an ever constant weight on out shoulders, it's the storm cloud looming over out heads, it's the darkness that... (more »)
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I believe that racism still exists. I believe that it may not be as obvious as it may seem. I believe that it may even be more unintentional than it used to be, although that is not an excuse to insult someone’s race or culture. I used to... (more »)
Racism in America Today
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It has been 150 years since the abolishment of slavery in America, and although racism was prevalent in the years following the adoption of the 13th amendment, the existence of racism in America today is called into question. Some say it is... (more »)
The Life We Were Taught To Live
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You’re surrounded. Trapped by the walls and rocks of life. Everywhere you turn, there is an obstacle. Ouch. My foot just fell in a ditch. Ouch.  My foot just hit a rock. You try to run through it, but its too thick. You try to walk... (more »)
The Pursuit of Perfection
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The astute and thoughtful quest that cripples our mind and creates waves through the very essnce of our soul, that bars us from being us, and like a monster spreads it's tentacles rith great vengeance to capture our leeway, the uattainable... (more »)
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