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Most Recent Social Issues / Civics Articles

Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

A Woman's Guide On How To Dress (A...
Currently in America women are starting to dress more and more scandalous. Women are showing more skin than ever before. This is an issue that is plaguing our society, and it needs to be addressed. Because of the way women are dressing, men are... (more »)
Perfect World
By , centerville, IA
My perfect world would be I get as many cars as I want without paying for them. Schoool would not start until 10:20 am and would end at 3:20 pm. People would respect the teachers, their bosses and their elders. If you didn't respect people,... (more »)
Real Juvinile Justice
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A crime is a crime no more, no less, and juveniles who take part in violent crimes should have the same consequences that adults have.  Just about every day, criminals including murderers are being released.  These offenders were... (more »)
Everything is a Pattern
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  I have always wondered some things about myself. Who am I? Why am I here? Was there a purpose for me out of all people to live here in this painful world? Why am I always broken because of what other people did for me? Do I ever have a... (more »)
Ashamed to be American? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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American culture is obsessed with patriotism. Most of this is completely innocent – images of the American flag, baseball, apple pie, and the iconic bald eagle. Yet these symbols of American pride are masking something more sinister. Our... (more »)
The Death of Chivalry This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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The term “gentleman,” created during the Middle Ages, originally meant a man of noble birth and title. A gentleman was not expected to be chivalrous, or even amiable; chivalry – honesty, fair treatment, and a grand respect for... (more »)
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When, and if, my child ever asks me if she will be pretty, I will laugh. I will laugh at her sincere expression as she sincerely asks me, “Mother, will I be pretty?” I will respond, “No, my child, you will never be... (more »)
THH: Every Billion of Us
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Pollution-spewing castles. Fortresses made of steel. Miles and miles of smog clouding the air. We all know one of nature’s greatest enemies lie within factories. …so. That’s it. We’re doomed. (Ahhhhhh?) Everyday people suffer from... (more »)
Child Abuse
By , Aurora, CO
Our world is full of issues. Many of the issues are big and some are small, but issues will be issues. So to begin, I’m going to ask a question. Have you ever seen a child with his or her arms covered in bruises or scratches? If you have,... (more »)
Social Media and Its Connection with Anorexia,...
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The first computer was invented in 1947; the internet followed in the late 1960s. In the 1970s, eating disorders became an epidemic. When the first computer was invented, no one had any idea of the impact it would have in the world, as the same... (more »)
Straight White Men Upset Over Things Not Always...
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The meninist movement has brought forth some very startling news and has come up with a way to combat this news… Shockingly not everything is about white men. Bringing up faults in such movements as feminism, blackout, gay pride, and... (more »)
Capstone: Gender Inequality This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
I grew up surrounded by Orthodox Jewish women. My mother’s family was one of the most highly respected Jewish families in the city, who was also notorious for gossiping. Early into my childhood I became familiar with the term yenta, a... (more »)
By , Sumter, SC
  Family is a word that people may not fully understand, or more importantly, understand the meaning of.  For instance, people can say I love my family because they have to, but family is deeper than just having blood/genetic... (more »)
Hard work & continuous struggle is...
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"The courage of life is a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy. A man does what he must, inspite of personal consequences, inspite of obstacles and dangers and pressures. And that is the basis of all morality."- John f. Kennedy.... (more »)
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After eighteen years of my life I have experienced three funerals and I still have yet to cry or show any grief. So I stood there alone, watching everyone cry and morn until I held my father in my arms who cried, a man I have never seen cry,... (more »)
An Analysis Of Martin Luther King’s Letter...
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The renowned author Truman Capote illustrated the power of writing when he stated, “writing has laws of perspective, of light and shade…” Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” contains these... (more »)
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