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Here are the most recent social issues / civics articles:

Reality 3
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Hope can have many creations… So does Despair. Misery. It’s one of those negative feelings that despair creates. It is a cycle of negative and… well inexpressible miserable feelings. It’s a flow of despair… pushing you into the dark... (more »)
Because We Are Only Victims
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We are creatures of habit. Our routines allow us to remain calm, our systems keep us sane. Schedules are our lifeline, without them we would surely crash and burn. We wake every morning to the sound of an abrasive alarm, we dress in the dark, and... (more »)
Will there be more questions than answers?
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In the present era, imagine a man who follows blindly without any curiosity, always accepting what is being thrown at him and submitting to the orders and pretexts of others without questioning the motives and purposes behind them. He would be led... (more »)
Being Yourself
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What is this world coming to? You might answer that it is expanding as we travel to new frontiers in the fields of science, medicine, technology, etc. That is all good, but really what are people coming to? Everyone is trying to conform to the... (more »)
A Guide to a Writer's Words
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The problem for a writer often comes down to words. For a writer, awesome means more than just cool or nice or simply entertaining. Awesomeness is an overwhelming feeling of awe, inspiring great admiration, to fear. So if you call a writer... (more »)
Determined for More: Poverty and Apathy
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One can be born poor and with great determination, make a fortune for themselves and one can be born wealthy but through rampant carelessness squander their fortune. Poverty is defined by two factors: circumstance and motivation. Some people... (more »)
Dark Times
By , homestead, FL
I’m f***ing crazy, but I’m free. I’m untamed for I roam the world out of curiosity. Curious to see what my future has to offer. Hoping that it’s positive because ever since I was young, I’ve been broken. Broken because I was raised from... (more »)
What We Can Learn From Robin Williams's Death
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Like most times I learned that a legendary celebrity passed away, I was in shock and disbelief when I heard about Robin Williams's death. Then I felt a sadness a person only feels when they don’t personally know that celebrity but only... (more »)
Reality 2
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So don’t lose your tracks… stay strong and try to escape this part of reality… fast. Because the other parts are going to haunt you… anyway. Unlike pain they (the following aspects of reality in this article) don’t have a train of... (more »)
Society's Play
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You know its funny. The way we all act at school. I think of it as one big school play you know? And everybody has their role. Lets just say the play is called "society" and everybody has their place in it. But they're too many... (more »)
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It's Okay
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For some reason, it has been branded into our brains to think that it’s not okay to feel depressed, unwanted, lonely. Somewhere along the line, people have begun to shun people who feel this way. Society has made it out to be that those of us... (more »)
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Conversations are a fairly lovely thing and they provide two beating hearts the opportunity to morph into one big labyrinth of veins and of hopes and dreams and of course it too is fairly lovely. But rather than the byproduct of these... (more »)
Until Death Do You Part...From the American...
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According to an article from the Supreme Court Debates in 2008 called "Does the Kentucky Legal Procedure Constitute 'Cruel and Unusual Punishment'", the answer to the document's title is no. Kentucky started using... (more »)
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We're all day dreamers. We all fantasize about the things we may never even come close to achieving. We all imagine saving the girl, saving the world, being the World's First *blank* or to be written about in history books. To have our... (more »)
The Declaration Of Independence: Insanity
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I have realized through human events that the only thing restricting humans from what they desire is sanity. Humans aren’t free from being sane and that restricts their desires. Human kind deserves the right to separate themselves from sanity.... (more »)
Useless Comparison
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There will always be someone. There will always be someone who is prettier than you, smarter, thinner, or more successful than you. There will always be someone who is better at the thing you think you are best at. This constant comparison... (more »)
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