Food Waste In America

May 10, 2018
By Anonymous

Food waste in America is a real problem in this country. America wastes a lot of food every day in so many ways. Restaurants waste so much food even though there is a lot of people going hungry every day. Food like bread and perishable items need to be thrown out after the sell by date which is earlier than the expiration date. These items could be given to hungry people. Part of the problem is the consumer because we won’t eat something that is one day over the expiration date even if it’s not actually that bad which is so wasteful. I believe that there should be some sort of system in place for unwanted food to be either donated or composted or at least given to pigs or something. It has to be easy and required for all homes,restaurants and grocery stores. According to KCET’s article on this subject, “In California alone, we throw out around 5.6 million tons of food every year, which accounts for 18% of the state’s waste stream.” and that amount of food wasted annually can, “fill Pasadena’s Rose Bowl.” Part of the problem is that most of the food that gets wasted just doesn’t meet the company’s standards to what it’s “supposed to look like” so it gets thrown straight into the landfill. The best way we can combat this issue is to have a system that will save food from being wasted either via giving said food to the homeless or people in need or creating an easy compost bin that is a required part of everyone’s lives. If we can figure out a way to beat food waste in America, we will have a brighter future and a longer one at that.

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