Technology Helps Humanity More Than It Hurts Humanity

May 6, 2018
By Anonymous

Technology helps us more than it hurts us, and that's not only from a social standpoint but many others. Especially medically technology saves lives daily, and as amazing as this is, it’s even more amazing how little error they have. Not to mention it’s improving. Everything from a simple x-ray to a heart monitor is technology. Try and imagine the world without it. Can you? Probably not, and I am thankful for that. Working for a cure for so many diseases would be near impossible without today's technology.

I’m not going to lie, not all technology is good. Not all technology is helping the world, some of it does hurt us. For example, Instagram is like a world in itself, it creates a whole new way of sharing, liking, bullying, and more. 20% of kids cyberbullied think about suicide, 1 in 10 attempts it, causing suicide to be the number 3 leader in causes of teen death. I know right now you're thinking because of this technology is bad, especially in the teen life, but I can assure you, you are wrong. Most of these kids would be physically assaulted before suicide had crossed their mind, and 5 of that 20% needs better parenting. This is also being fixed and I’m excited to see new numbers, Instagram, for example, has created a way to accesses a suicide hotline. When you search “#suicide” or similar things it will offer you help. Twitter too is beginning to look into ways to solve this. What’s on our iPhone screens isn’t the only technology in the world, although the normal person may view it that way. You can also block people on social media websites, and have a private account, making it much safer.

Not only is technology helping us in the medical world, but in our day to day lives. When is the last time you washed clothes without a washer? We don’t notice the little everyday things that we take so much advantage of, like our microwave and refrigerator. None of those things have a negative effect on society. Television too falls into this category, sports events are broadcasted daily, and although some shows aren’t appropriate for some ages, thanks to recent technology those channels and or shows can be blocked! Think of all the technology we use in just a morning, the shower, the toilet, the sink, the fridge, even a light bulb, not to mention your alarm clock! These may not be the newest advancements, but I assure you one-day phones will become pages and cars planes, and who knows what else.

Therefore please continue to support technology, because without you it won’t grow, and industry won’t develop. Without your support who knows what will crash next, the world, or your computer. Technology is saving lives, connecting people, and making daily life easier, why change that?

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