Society’s Deep Sleep

April 26, 2018
By laurenw2 BRONZE, Murrieta, California
laurenw2 BRONZE, Murrieta, California
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A deep sleep of uncertainty and adolescents snared her into the plush mattress
of slander, fabrication, and vulgarness of society. Pillows and delicate plush teddy bears swarmed around her thoughts. The seemingly soft comfort strangled her brain as they smothered her in insecurities. Society neatly wrapped her frail frame in a blanket full of expectations, segregating her from any ounce of confidence or tenacity. Swaddled so tight no motion could be made to disturb her perfect Shirley Temple curls. They were held in place by layers of hairspray as its fumes poisoned her lungs with unrealistic expectations of herself. She tried her hardest to cough all the lies out, only to fail leaving chemicals that settled and slowly poison her thoughts. The fuzzy socks encasing her feet filled her body with warmth just like the thought of “unrealistic” dreams filled her head with false hopes. Society allowed the dreams but never the pursuit of dreams, in fact it prefered constant sleep to prevent the dreamers from waking up and resisting the lies that seeped into their thoughts. We’re told by society that we must act a certain way, think a certain way, and believe in certain things. Pursuers threaten those ideals because they are dedicated to their hopes and dreams. Pursuers of dreams don’t sleep they stay awake and aware of the lies being implemented into people’s thoughts. Pursuers don’t blend with the “perfect” society where everyone just listens to what they’re told, they speak out and do what they want. Don’t let society plaster you against a mattress and ensnare you in a blanket, don’t be the foolish girl with the perfect curls oblivious to the world. When you’re oblivious you believe in the disguise society is draped in. Its ideals are masked as an appealing soft bed of comfort because after all you should always pretend to be something that you’re not, right?

The author's comments:

As a teenager I noticed that most teenagers and overall people allow society to drill ideals and standards into their lives. I just want people to know they don’t have to meet those expectations nor listen to them.

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