Distractions During a Movie

April 24, 2018
By Anonymous

To many other that want to enjoy that one new movies that come out every year by either talking, texting, or making unnecessary commentary while the movie is playing. This issue has affected many movie theatres from the large amount of unhappy review complaints left by many and now some theatres are starting to take more action against this issue.


An annoying moviegoers is a person who is constantly making comments or having a full conversation with someone else can cause a distraction to the other people in same theatre room trying to enjoy the movie, which can be very disrespectful and distracting to them, But talking isn't the only thing that can be annoying to others. Based on an article named The 14 most annoying types moviegoers by John Serba Its shares and talks about the most commonly annoying things during a movie, which happen to be true based on the list of examples, he gave to the reader. For example for the number five-spot in the list is “The Texter” and the writer described the distraction of using your phone during a movie as the viewers are ships in the water, and the bright light of the phone being used as a the bright shining lighthouse beacon distracting the eyes of many. From this example, it shows how there are many different ways of distracting the audience from the screen by the actions of others around.


In addition, I have had many experiences with this issue myself at the local movie theatre where I live sometimes, and one of the most recent experience I had was when me and a friend went to go see Ready Player One right after school. Moreover, the main reason I specifically went right after school was to avoid this issue from ruining my experience, and because the movie theatre is usually empty when school ends to watch a movie.Once I entered the theatre room as expected it was empty, so I decided to sit on the middle of the top row. Once the movie started a group of older ladies came in and decided out of all the open seats in an empty room to sit in front of me and my friend blocking our view to begin with and once they sat down they decided to have a full on going conversation during the movie. It had gone to the point where my friend and me had to ask them to stop but they wouldn't so we moved to the other side of the theatre to not listen to what they were talking about but we could still hear them throughout the movie and this experience I had really bothered me because I went in wanting to enjoy a movie to wanting to leave because of the distractions that kept happening. Finally, from this experience I can see how there is the problem with annoying moviegoers and their needs to be a better way to stop this from happening to others.


On the other hand, as the issue of annoying movie increases many theatres are helpless on what to do about them, but on a CBS news article called Fighting back against talkers and texters at the movie. It stated that at a Alamo drafthouse in Austin, Texas has had enough with this problem and decided to start to literally throw people out of texting or talking during a movie screening. And I agree with what they have done to prevent this issue at that location because in most theatres if you complain to a manager or an usher they just usually tell the people to stop talking, and as usual they never do. In this case, the Alamo Drafthouse thinks about enjoying the movie to others than most theatres do by them taking actions upon others who feel the need to disturb others. I think many other theatre should see this as a step to the right direction and just maybe others won't have to deal with talkers or texture the next time they go to see a movie.


In summary, Movie theatres where once places to go enjoy something new with friends and family to sit down and watch something, But now they have been ruined by many who choose to disturb the viewers by the distraction they make ruining the experience for others that just want to enjoy a movie, and how a theatre has gone out their way to stop annoying moviegoers from disturbing the quietness. This of the problems many face when going to the movies these days, by many theatres that will not try to resolve to problem.

The author's comments:

The reason I wrote this piece was because like many others I have delt with this issue many times at my local movie theatre.

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