Heroes, Villains, and Everything in Between

April 20, 2018
By AndySachs SILVER, To, California
AndySachs SILVER, To, California
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I like to think I’d be the hero in my story. Maybe everyone does. But does anyone know for sure? Maybe we’re all villains one way or another.

People can judge you by practically anything. Name, gender, race, age, looks, personality, etc. As long as you’re a human being, people will make one assumption after another. There’s really no escaping the many thoughts that go around as you walk by people in the school halls. It’s funny that people seem to think they know you. Not know you, but really know you. Maybe just by the way you dress-if your over or underdressed-or by the way you talk-real high or too low. You will never reach a point where you can just sit back and relax without the world around you caring even just a little bit.

But one thing can lead to another. And another. And another. Until you find yourself stuck in a place that you think-or know-you can’t get out of. People blame you, maybe because they “know” you, or maybe they actually do know you. Where do you think the phrase “jumping on the bandwagon” came from?

The thing is, we can choose to be a hero in our own stories, but to other people, we could be the victim or even the villain. The impact we create on others is more important than what we show others about ourselves. We try to tell ourselves that we need to focus on our own paths. We say being alone is the way to go and there is nothing wrong with that! But there is also nothing wrong with, as cheesy as this sounds, being nice. That has become “uncool” and I get it, not everyone likes all that bubbly stuff. Too often do we think being mean will get us farther in life than maybe saying a few nice words. Just think how much peer pressure, exclusive cliques, and popularity have changed and shaped our culture today. Being afraid to speak out or to say anything at all. These things sound silly, but it’s everywhere and it doesn’t just end in high school. It goes on and on until there’s no more of you to make fun of. You can choose to be a leader or a follower. Many times in life, it’s your choice.

Heroes are often praised, villains often fall, but in the end, there’s always going to be good and evil, no matter what side you're on.

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