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How to Draw

April 18, 2018
By ondo-nago SILVER, Hemet, California
ondo-nago SILVER, Hemet, California
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Drawing. Sounds easy enough right? All you need to do is practice, right? WRONG! There is no such thing as “practice makes perfect”! All people you know that have the gift of art have been able to do so since they popped out of the womb! However, there are a few things you can do to be just a little bit better at drawing. Not perfect, but better.

Tip one: draw a line. Or a circle. Maybe even a square. Once you’ve drawn the first line, you’re one step closer to being finished with your incredible Picasso style art. Just a line. Or any shape, I guess.

Tip two: draw lightly. Once you’ve made a line that's dark and thick, it's over. Throw the paper away and snap your pencil. However once your line is light and airy, like the loose feather of a finch, you have succeeded. Nice job.

Tip three: add some curves. Unless you’re drawing a square, add some wiggles. As they say in the art community, (I would know, I basically painted the Mona Lisa), “Look at all those wiggles!”

Tip four: use some color. Or colour if you want to be fancy like a true ARTIST WOULD. Add some purple! Mix some yellows and blues! (That's green! I know crazy right?!?). Why not add ALL the colors, huh? Why not!
Tip five: just do it. All art was made because the artist just did it! True story! So if you get discouraged, don’t give up, even if your not as good as those who've held a sketch pad since birth. You did it.

That's it. You can know draw ALMOST as good as those born with it. It alright. You can thank me later.

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