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Alien Life

April 11, 2018
By jess97 BRONZE, Southampton, South Dakota
jess97 BRONZE, Southampton, South Dakota
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A strange object, but a living one is barking to you from afar. It’s definitely not a dog though. And it’s not anything you’ve seen before either. The next thing you know is you’re blacked out and were covered with sticky gel. Could what you’re thinking be true? Were you just abducted by aliens? This is exactly what happened to Antonio Villas Boas, a Brazilian farmer.

We, as humans all live on one planet. A planet called Earth. And most of us haven’t even been outside the planet. There are many  more beyond this bright blue sky. We look up and see stars. Some have their own planets orbiting around them, like our very own sun. Multiply that by a billion, and that’s how many different planets there are. And we are just one of them.

Life on Earth, as you know, is possible. If it wasn’t you wouldn’t be reading this right now. If  there are so many other planets, there has to be at least one other form of life. In fact, astronomers Margaret Turnbull and Jill Tarter of the Carnegie Institution in Washington, D.C., have compiled a list of 17,129 nearby stars most likely to have planets that could support complex life. Those stars are only ones that are even nearby. It could only be a flower, or even a cow with a unicorn horn, but its still life.

Many people believe the government hides something. I also believe they have many secrets, and area 51 could be one of them. There could be aliens that have tried to contact us in so many ways, but the government just hides it. Those tests that didn’t work were maybe sabotaged. 

Human life had been around for thousands of years. Not even just human life, life in general. Like the dinosaurs, and probably more before that. So it’s entirely possible that those planets, which aren’t capable of life right now, have had life before, or will in the far future. We all can’t be the only walking and talking things in the whole universe.

So maybe that shooting star isn’t a shooting star, and maybe all those crazy stories you hear… are true.

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I realized how much there is beyond us.

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