April 13, 2018
By Brandi.77 BRONZE, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin
Brandi.77 BRONZE, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin
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Equal rights. Now, simply bringing up this topic seems to stir something in my stomach. I believe men and women deserve equal everything, no matter their beliefs, ethnicity, or culture. Equal rights, equal pay, equal consequences, and equal opportunity. The signs of inequality are still around us everywhere and if not now when will we make this change?

In the United States alone, according to AAUW, the United States alone men with a full time job receive $51,640 salary a year, while women with a full time position make $41,554 salary a year for working the same hours. That’s a $10,086 difference per every woman who has full time employment. In Wisconsin the average salary per year for a man is $50,399 and for a woman is $39,440. In Wisconsin, that is a difference of $10,959 a year.  Paychecks increasingly grow at a much quicker rate as there education increases. Women as well increase in education, as well the pay rate increases, never reaching the income of a male. With less than a high school diploma, women make an average of 77% of what men make in a year. With an advanced degree out of college for both genders women still only make 74% of a male’s income at the same education level.  Let’s get real people, THE PAY GAP EXISTS!

Women are more likely to receive a lighter sentence than a man who has committed the same crime. In my mind this is absurd because no matter the gender of a person, everyone is capable of committing a crime and is well aware of the damage they have done/the crime they have committed. The law, innocent until proven guilty, is always applied, but how does a man receive a larger, harsher sentence compared to a female who has done the same crime. Both genders are just as guilty and should receive equal punishment in court.

Women are out growing the stay-in-the-house reputations they have been given. We to are capable of changing a tire, becoming a chef, or being employed as a doctor. Not only caring for children, cooking and cleaning around the house. Some examples are my female doctor, Tracy, who is the best doctor I’ve ever had. My boyfriend’s mom, Tamera, who is an amazing cook for almost every event, and my close friend’s mom who knows way more than I could ever dream about learning when it comes to cars. She has pursued a career in this field and is amazing at her job, putting the common belief to shame that only a man will ever be good at the line of work.
Race also has effect on amount of pay or opportunity in workplace. Sadly, many individuals are continuing to be judged based on the color of there skin and gender instead of education or requirement level. This affects the quality of the work. Would you rather have a cake baked by a baker or a construction worker? The obvious choice here is the baker, the more qualified employee.  So, why don’t companies choose who will best represent them, aside the color of their skin?

I hope to make a difference and bring this topic to light once again to push forward the need for change not only in the work field, but everyday life.

The author's comments:

In my school there is a big debate about equality and equal oppurtunity. I decided I would put forth my opinion on the subject.

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