What Does Justice Means to Me

April 9, 2018

Justice means a lot to me. We "have" Justice in America. As a tiny child I thought we had Justice and Freedom, But now these days I think otherwise. I walk into school everyday knowing I'm gonna get judged about what I wear, how I walk, my hair, most importantly my personality. Magazine covers tell us how to look and feel about our bodies, and in reality we need to accept each other's flaws and our own, and live life with dignity and respect.     


We have this program at our school ( It's called Kids 4 Kids) that's where the mentally challenged kids go do their thing. What my fellow students call them is retarded. That's rude. We have this poster in our cafeteria, that says choose respect, meaning use the other R word, NOT the bad R word (retarded). This is why we need to change our country. To where people dont have to cover up who they are. All in All, Justice means a lot to me and we need more. 

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