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Human Morality

March 23, 2018
By LuckyFinGirl BRONZE, Waco, Texas
LuckyFinGirl BRONZE, Waco, Texas
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The will of God will not take you where the grace of God will not protect you.

If humans have moral standards, where do they come from? The existence of something we classify as "evil" provides excellent evidence for a Creator. If there was a beginning, which there must have been, even atheists admit that, then there must have been a Beginner. If there is a design, (your body seems to be designed pretty well) there must be a Designer. And if we have morals, there must be... A Moral Decider. If nothing is truly good, if good has no definition, then evil consequently has no definition, and is only a matter of opinion. If no one decided that torturing babies is bad, or "evil," then it wouldn't be. It just so happens that all these ifs are not actually ifs. They are logical truths of this world: There is a definition of good. His name is God. If there was not a definition, no evil would exist. God defines good and evil, therefore God sets our human moral values.

But don't tune me out just because I starting getting a bit preachy. Carefully consider the following situation.

To put this into context: a man gives apologetics speeches around the US. Let's say this man's name is Frank. One night, during a Q&A session, two young men, devout atheists, come up to grill Frank. The next night, an older man of about 55ish comes up to the mic during the Q&A. He holds two sheets of paper with his question written on them. He begins to read, but only gets past the very first sentence before breaking down in tears. Frank steps off the platform. As he approaches the older man, the man thrusts the papers into Frank's hands and sobs, "Read it. Read it."

Frank takes the papers and begins to skim as he walks back to the platform. The man, now known as Steve, makes his way back to his seat. As Frank tries to digest the question, he understands why Steve broke down in tears. The paper tells of his sons. The two young men who came in the night before were Steve's sons, who were previously Christians. Recently Steve and his family had learned that Steve's daughter, Jessica, had been abused from ages 4 to 14 by his best friend who we'll call Tom. Tom had committed these crimes in Steve's own house, right under his nose. When Jessica's brothers found out the truth, they quickly abandoned their faith. One was studying to be a Roman Catholic priest, but immediately dropped out of seminary. They didn't believe God could let such a thing happen to them, a good Christian family.

Frank reads through the paper once more. Tom has been to court many times in the past few months for this issue, but he cannot be convicted because every time Jessica tries to testify in the witness stand, she breaks down mentally. So this criminal is legally wandering the streets, abusing who knows how many more children. As Frank begins to process, an explanation becomes clear to him.

"Steve," he begins, "when the time is right, I want you to say this to your sons: bad things happen to good people to help prove God's existence. Things such as this could not be known as bad if there was no good. If everything was relative, including truth and morality, there would be no good and bad. God uses even these horrible events to show us his Almighty power. Abusing a child could not be bad if there was no good, therefore there must be good. But what is good? Good is defined by God. Romans 3:23 in the Bible says, 'For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.' But for those of you against the Scriptures, you should be able to logically see the clear evidence for our Creator, even without the Bible." Frank concedes thoughtfully. "This is only one of many, many evidential proofs for Creation and the Creator, our Spaceless, Timeless, Immaterial, Omniscient, Intelligent God."


If you would like to see the power-point presentation of Frank's talk, it's at crossexamination

--written by LuckyFinGirl, exerpted and adapted from "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist" discussion, January 2018.

To cite this, use my screen name and the date of this post.

The author's comments:

I went to an apologetics talk a few months ago on this topic. Note, I subscribe to Christianity, specifically Baptist. This is not meant to force my opinion on others; it was written simply to help others understand why I believe what I do when they question it.

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“Don’t look for society to give you permission to be yourself.”
- Steve Maraboli

@LuckyFinGirl :
Gina, this is Alexander. I don't know what happened on the 29/08/2018, but I'm sorry. If you see this, from the bottom of my heart, please reply.

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