What Is Real Will Prosper

March 23, 2018
By Anonymous

Mental health is such an important to be aware of and a thing that should be treated with care and precision! A lot of people go through life with problems and anxieties that affect their daily lives DRASTICALLY! But they want to tell themselves, “No, it’s okay. I’ll just keep it inside. No one cares about how I feel and people will look at me as if I’m some FREAK.” They try to force themselves to become, “numb” to any pain or suffering. And THAT'S the problem!

If you ever feel like the universe is leading you to the wrong path or you feel as if negative energy is coming your way that can or will change you for the worst, then you need to deal with it in someway. Whether it’s talking to someone or writing it down or creating artistic things that portray it, either way it can help even just a little!

Mental health is not something to just push to the side. Everyday just wake up and try to fight it until your six feet under the ground!!!

“what is real will prosper”

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