Can’t Think Clearly

February 13, 2018
By Osmond BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
Osmond BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
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I get out into the sea of high school as I attempt to make my way to my next class. People panicky transverse in all directions, some walking to class, some diverging together and talking. I myself begin to talk to my friends I see in the hall. What I hear astonishes me, conversations filled with gossip and false judgement. Multiple remarks on so and so’s appearance, and someone’s behaviors, like, “omg look at Don, his shoes are wack” or, “Ryan bro you are so awkward”. All of these these things are solely based on conjecture, and express no real value. The people don’t even bother if what they are saying is right or not, they talk just to talk.

This is the parasite of today’s society, not only are people’s thought and opinions oppressed,but people’s uniquenesses are confined. Multiple instances a day I am confronted with this issue, whether small things like, “being bad at fifa” or “having bad music”. To big things like people’s privacy or well-being tampered with. I know this can sometimes get into my head, and make me believe things that aren’t true.

For instance,  I eagerly wait for my friends to get to my car to show them my new music, I spent two hours picking last night. I pick my song, the deciding factor. I nervously wait, I turn in the passenger's seat to look at my friends expressions. When I see them shake their head, and reach for the volume off button, I know I have failed.  If someone says my music is bad, I will do whatever I can to find the best music for the listener. Even though the music I had was to my liking, and in reality fine. It places us all into a corner of similarity, where we don’t have a choice but to think as everyone else thinks. In some ways we are all affected either indirectly or directly.

Although this doesn’t have a real impact on my life, I believe it can certainly bring down another’s self esteem (as we are all teenagers and our emotions are twisted and hyperbolized beyond extent), who knows what could happen, or what a person is really feeling. I feel like this issue is overlooked most of the time, because the person doing so doesn’t even realize it. I know I am at fault to saying or spreading things that could or could not be true, but it is so built into our everyday life and interaction; that it is accepted as the norm. At some point in our life we all have been at both ends of the stick, the one being talked about or the one talking. I think if we were to take this false judgement out of our society today, social interactions would feel more comfortable, and less violated. One's ideas and thoughts would not be sheltered, but would be free of discussion.

Although this could be a very hard concept to fulfill, it is indeed very solvable. If we just take that negative talk, or false perceptions out of our life, and actually talk to the person. We can extinguish this fact that there is only one right opinion, or one right idea. Making the people that think differently suitable to their stance on which they stand. I feel we can overcome this great barrier of psychological pain.

The author's comments:

I started writing this because I felt compelled that many people are struggling with this issue. I wanted o spread awareness that this is a downside of all of us that we need to be aware of.

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