What If Everyone on Earth Was the Same?

February 13, 2018
By Anonymous

To live in a wonderful world where everyone gets along, everyone needs to have the same viewpoint on every single thing and all enjoy doing the same things. If the world never gets to that point, the world will never be at peace. But wait. Is that necessarily true? The world doesn’t need everyone to be, and act, the same.. It is the diverse people that make up this world. Without different people, with different tastes, it would be very dull and boring. With no excitement.

The world is filled with hard working people who go to college, study, earn their degrees, and then work in the career field they studied for. Nowadays, there are doctors, engineers, business managers, scientists, musicians, chefs (etc.) But what if everyone strived to be the same thing? For example, what if everyone wanted to become a chef? Who would build homes and buildings? Who would cure the sick, and predict the weather? No one. If everyone wanted to become a chef we would not have the things we have today. Like the knowledge of science, education for children, internet for millions of homes (etc).

If everyone in the world was the same, that would mean everyone would be the same race. One may think that if many people are the exact same race, many people would be at peace. There would be no more discrimination and hate crimes. It would seem like a relaxing experience for everyone. All the past events, like slavery, would be behind all of us. But every person knows that we can’t all be the same race. Without all the different races in the world, it would be dull. The world would be uninteresting and boring. No one would want to explore other countries because they would be too uninterested. It would be very similar to the country they live in. And there is no fun in that. Cultures and traditions would not be interesting to learn about, either. They would all be similar. People are lucky to be able to live in countries with people of different races and ethnicities. Without them, some of the food we eat today would be the same. If everyone was a white American, they would not be able to enjoy the Mexican or Chinese food we eat today. There wouldn’t be as many music types like there is today. There would not be products of anytype (clothing food etc.) that are made by different races. Basically all students nowadays have friends of other races. If all students were the same race, everyone’s social life would be incredibly different. One may think it would be better, and easier to make friends, but if everyone were the same, school would be a very dull place. Students would not be interested in learning about one another, because everyone would be the exact same.

The majority of people know that when it comes to school, all the students there are very diverse. Especially in high school or middle school. Students start to find out who they really are.They all develop different tastes in music, clothing, food, and more. But if everyone on Earth was the same, the students would be friends with everyone. They wouldn’t be divided into certain groups like the male and female athletes, goths, band members (etc.) For example, what if most people were an athlete? A lot of athletes are very talented and have a good impact on their team and school. But, if everyone were athletes, that means there would be no band, there would be no theatre group, or even more academically-inclined people. The rest of extra-curricular activities would have no one in them. Grades would also be the same for each student. Everyone in the school could either be really good at getting high grades, or get really low grades. There would never be any competition when it comes to athletics, academics and more. And without competition, there would be no point in doing anything in school. All the students would be just as skilled as one another. They would be so unmotivated to do anything. The school district would not be successful. For a school district to succeed and thrive, it has to have students with different interests. Obviously, if the students aren’t different, it would have a very negative effect on the school district.
May people on Earth know someone who is straight, or, to like the opposite gender. If everyone on Earth was the same, that would mean everyone would be the same gender. A lot of homophobic people despise gays. They believe everyone on Earth should be straight, because being in the LGBT community is a ‘sin’. They want everyone to be the same, and to have the same viewpoint on the LGBT community. But to say “I wish everyone was the same,” is ignorant. If everyone was the same, straight people wouldn’t be able to have a partner of the opposite sex. All the people would be either a female or male. And, straight people would definitely not want it that way. It would make them regret saying that they wished everyone was the same.

Music plays a big role in this world, too. Most people have different tastes in music, like pop, rock, hip-hop/rap, foreign pop (etc.) To make different types of music, it takes diverse people with diverse tastes. People learn to play different instruments to make music, they become a DJ and make beats for music. But if everyone was the same, there would be only one type of music. If everyone liked pop, who would make the ‘lit’ hip-hop beats that people listen to? Who would play the drums, and guitar, and sing to make rock/heavy metal music? Who would play instruments and form an orchestra that makes, and plays, beautiful music? No one. Everyone would just listen to pop, and nothing more. There would no artists like Migos, BTS, Marc Anthony, Daddy Yankee, and more, to make different types of amazing music. All music would have the same, uninteresting, background. There would only be a few musical artists in this world.

The world would just be chaotic if the majority of people were the same. People would not be able to go where they want to, and when. Every person would want to be at the same place, at the same time. If anyone wanted to go to the mall next Saturday, they would not be able to. If most people wanted to go to the one specific concert, they would not be able to. Tickets would sell out in seconds! If most people wanted to go see the football game that is taking place not so far away from them, they would not be able to, it would be too crowded. The world would not be an enjoyable place. Life would, ironically, be more boring and rushed at the same time. If everyone on Earth was the same, would that even be called ‘living’?

Most people wants to live a good, exciting and relaxing life before they pass. If everyone on Earth was the same, no one would live a life. No living person would have the experiences in life that they have today. Everyday they would wake up, with no motivation and eagerness to go out and socialize with others. They would wake up to the same old people that they always do. Without the diverse people in this world, we wouldn’t have the things we have today. No homes, no technology, good food, and more. So next time anyone says “I wish everyone was the same,” they should think again. And think: what would the world really be like if everyone was the same?

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