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Compulsory Organ Donation

February 12, 2018
By Grace_Yocum BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
Grace_Yocum BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
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“Twenty people die everyday waiting for a organ transplant” states the Organ Donor, this is not only a medical issue but a social issue as well. A social issue is something that influences a large amount of people in a society. Many Americans have false information about organ transplants, as well as not knowing where to look and who to trust.

One piece of evidence that many Americans don't know where to even start is that 95% of adult Americans support organ transplants after death but only 56% are registered organ donors. This statistic greatly improved after Facebook partnered with the Donate Life Foundation to ask many of its users about their donation plans after death. This brilliant move brought tons of users to the donate life website and many more enrolled to be organ donors. This is evidence that  all we need is connections for people to spread awareness with and we could save some many more lives.


Another problem facing us is that many people have gained false information about the organ transplants. Such as if you are the hospital and are a organ donor the Doctors will not try their best to keep you alive you.So that way the Doctors  can take your organs after “trying” to save you. This is so far from the truth,  by law you must be brain dead and your heart must stop working for one minute to remove the organs. Another problem families tend to have  is that they feel that once your organs are removed you will be deformed and can't have a open casket viewing. This is also miles from true you can still have a regular service. 

So then why don't more people sign up to donate? One problem is that people's religion may not allow it and it would be breaking the law to require that these people must give their organs. But all of the major religions in this country approve of organ and tissue donation and consider it a gift or an act of charity. But the limited few should contact their religious leader if they are truly interested.

All these people we have not reached yet with the truth about organ donations should be at the top of our priority list. I believe we should also look at the younger demographics such as new drivers. When getting your licence you are asked if you want to be a organ donor , but many students don't know all the information about this and they want to get out of the DMV and admire their new licence. So I encourage that we start teaching kids about this in drivers ED and also connect then through social media just like facebook did. One person can save 8 lives,  so why not help?

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