People in the Spotlight

February 1, 2018
By Anonymous

A singer, an actor, a writer, a star, they are people in the spotlight. They are public character. Is that a really good thing for them to be in the spotlight?

I say yes. Yes is for the pride and affirm to gain all the attention. When they enjoy the honor in the spotlight with shiny clothing, people under the stage is cheering and screaming for them. They stand there to show their special abilities and get all the admire and adore. They are in the place that someone is dreaming for. For these reasons,it seems like a hundred percent good thing.

However, good things don’t make any easy. There are some people dislike them while some people are crazy for them. All eyes on them, whatever they do is going to be magnified. As a public character, what they do and what they speak need to be positive because they may make a difference to their followers and even the society. I saw a lot of teenage idolaters are too crazy for their idols so that they don’t care if their idol is throwing butt on the ground, adverse, they may think that is cool. Some people just lose their commendable traits after they were popular. Therefore, to be a public character is not a easy job. For some people who can’t bear the huge honor, pressure or sometimes even fling abuses, in the spotlight is not a good choice.

I’ve heard some typical examples. Some public characters use their platforms and resources to help people and promote positive things. They visit their fans who got cancer, try to comfort them and make them hopeful. They as a person who can speak in public, also see their responsibilities are heavy and important. However, there are also some so-called idols cursing in public or doing something is not appropriate. Their fans defend for them “they are also free man, why can’t them do whatever they want?” Yes, but they are in the spotlight, a place that not every people can be but all eyes can see.

In view of the practical of society, people stand in higher place, they support more responsibilities. Now that they are in the spotlight to do something special, why don’t they use the resources to help people indeed?  If you are person who wants to be in the spotlight, don’t forget to be positive, to make things possible.

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