Cyber Brainwashing

January 31, 2018
By JKG302 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
JKG302 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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For the readers who use social media, are you satisfied with how your peers use it currently today? Socials have became regular parts of our daily lives as if we’ve been using them for about a decade. I have many friends within social media and their characters have changed since they entered the social media world.

Frequent social media users log on everyday just to check what’s new in the world.

You can basically find out anything you need to know within seconds if you own a social media account. Humans are so quick to observe something they may find humorous or astonishing or maybe even appealing and they post it or give a review of it over social media. But in a reality do you think what everyone is interested in is appropriate? That’s exactly the opposite but it also isn’t completely wrong. In this generation the targeted audience is toward the teens with drugs, money and fashions trends. Materialistic things like these is what corrupts the minds of social users today.

Social media has several very famous account users that other users usually tend to watch since some bloggers and users use the media for comedy, business, culinary, etc. Social media can sometimes distract us away from everything thing that’s surrounding us. For instance, I use Instagram frequently and sometimes I can sometimes catch myself looking at my timeline for ten more minutes than I expected, I try to only look at social media for short minutes of time but somehow I get so intrigued with what I’m seeing I forget about the clock. When the U.S. Government was shut down for a weekend, I wasn’t aware of the shutdown until 2 days within the situation. I was confused on how my social accounts hardly reposted the breaking news of a closed government but could constantly repost irrelevant music videos.

The youth today lives strictly for the media and society. If someone can’t view their actions or their current status of well being then they’ll just try and find new ways in order to change that until viewers on social media or in society notices them and notifies them on their actions. Children live for the hype nowadays, they never truly practiced and flourished with being themselves which is what people actually grow to adore. Social media has changed the mindset and way of thinking for kids living in today’s societies.  Not being able to know how it feels to be your own leader and to think for yourself is outrageous  and any human victim of this should feel robbed of the freedom of free liberty but the only thing accountable for this is social media.

Social media has brainwashed the thought and feeling process for this new day and age. Young adults simply only cooperate with technology now and their best friend is practically the internet. To revive some basic morals for most human citizen’s around the world I look to decrease the social media time usage for my generation since I refuse to be a victim of social brainwashing.

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