Discrimination Against Muslims

January 23, 2018
By chasekeller BRONZE, Morristown , New Jersey
chasekeller BRONZE, Morristown , New Jersey
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Imagine this, you are an American citizen, you are well educated, you have a stable job, you have a family at home, you are just like everyone else in America. But then again, you are different, you are Muslim. You may be American, but people only care that you are Muslim. The government acts unconstitutional towards Muslims, Donald Trump has negative opinions on Muslims, and Americans acting inhumanly towards Muslims. All of these reasons show that Muslims are being treated unfairly in America.


Muslims in the U.S are being treated unfairly, and there are so many examples showing this unfair treatment. The U.S government has many programs on Muslims taking place,that are unconstitutional.  These programs include surveillance and profiling. The FBI has the right to watch over Muslims whenever they want, and profiles about their personal life. In an article the authors explains all about the government and its surveillance programs. The article states “The U.S. government maintains a massive watchlist system that risks stigmatizing hundreds of thousands of people — including U.S. citizens — as terrorism suspects based on vague, overbroad standards and secret evidence” (“Anti-Muslims Discrimination”). This quote shows how the government is disrespecting Muslims privacy. This is unconstitutional because being American you’re supposed to have freedom and be able to live your life, no matter what race, ethnicity, and religion, but with these profiles and surveillances Muslims are not living the free American life.

There is much discrimination against Muslims in the U.S, this can be shown by Donald Trump’s negative opinion on Muslims and their religion. Since Donald Trump started running for president (2015) he has made rude comments towards Muslims, including their race and religion. Donald Trump has also made statements that he would kick Muslims out of the U.S. In an article from the website Pew Research Center, the article has diagrams showing that 68% of Muslims are worried because of Donald Trump (U.S. Muslims Concerned About Their Place in Society, but Continue to Believe in the American Dream). In another article “How Much Discrimination do Muslims Face in America” it states “Three-quarters of the respondents said Trump is “unfriendly” toward Muslims in the U.S...” (Green). This shows how the president states comments that make Muslims feel uncomfortable, disrespected, and hated. This also shows how Muslims face so much discrimination because so many Americans value Donald Trump's opinion and agree with him, so when the president treats Muslims with hate and disrespect so do all of his many followers. 

In the U.S, Muslims face unfair treatment, and actions that can be inhumanly. Most of the news only covers stories about Muslims committing terrorist attacks and hate crimes. But they never report the other side, where Americans are committing hate crimes and doing horrible things towards Muslims. In an article it explains stories of hate crimes committed against Muslims. One of the stories was about a Muslim women, Nahella Ashraf, and how she encountered hate from an American man. Nahella, and her four friends, had just finished eating when the man behind them got up and grabbed Nahella, pulling her out of her chair, screaming racial slurs at her and spitting in her face (Bulman). This shows how so many Americans are committing horrible hate crimes and treating Muslims as terrorists. These hate crimes are happening because Americans only see Muslims as terrorists and fear them, because of where they come from and what other people of their race and religion have done. This causes people to fear Muslims, which makes them do horrible things to them. 

To conclude, all this information shows how Muslims are facing discrimination in the US, the way Muslims are treated is unconstitutional, Donald Trump has negative opinions on Muslims, and  Muslims are treated  inhumanely. So next time you see a Muslim, make sure to treat them like the real Americans they are.


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