Is Technology Good for You?

January 22, 2018
By Anonymous

Is technology good for you? This has been a controversial subject since the beginning of technology. Technology is extremely helpful, but it can also be the source of many problems. Today, technology runs the human world, making almost everything automated. Technology even helps us wake up in the morning. Humans can get attached to technology and forget what is happening in the real world. Social media takes up a large portion of people’s time and causes them to procrastinate and not focus on other important tasks. In 2016, CNN reported that the average American spent ten hours a day on screen time.  It is unhealthy to spend so much time looking at a screen.  Technology is amazing, but people should keep their life separate from technology.


Technology can make people feel lonely. Applications such as Snapchat encourage young people to document their every move, which increases the perception of exclusivity and the sense of isolation for those not invited. This could distract and even destroy some friendships. Social media makes people compare their own lives to others which can make them feel bad or inferior. Social Influencers post pictures of the latest fashion, restaurants, events and so on. Most people cannot afford any of these things which creates a culture of jealousy.  Many people spend more time talking on their phone than talking face to face, which can reduce the meaning of the conversation. Body language is not easily understood through technology and text messages do not convey emotions. This can create misunderstandings, bad feelings, and confrontation between friends when no harm was intended.

Technology gives access to many easy short cuts. For example, technology gives you the option to copy and paste and not do the work. Technology can give someone the option to procrastinate until the last minute because they can just copy and paste their entire assignment then change a few words. You do not learn from cheating off others. For instance, the suggested advertisements and videos that pop up on various websites can be distracting and create a tempting alternative to chores or homework. Consequently, it is possible to spend many hours watching videos instead of doing what you’re supposed to be doing. This could affect your school grades and your relationship with friends and family.

When travelling, it’s important to enjoy the sights and spend time with friends and family. If the focus when travelling, is only on taking pictures and posting them on social media, the memories are only of taking those pictures and not of soaking up the surroundings and the people that you are with. For instance, if you are hiking in the hills, but all you do is take pictures of you and your dog, you will only get to see the beautiful countryside through a lens. Technology keeps people from their priorities and makes them lazy. A prime example is a digital dog food bowl that prevents the need for the owner to be present to feed their pet. It records the owner’s voice to praise the dog even when the owner is not at home. The relationship between dog and owner is not as strong as an owner who is actually present to feed their pet. There are also applications for dog walking which has the same impact. Technology is making people lazier, impacting our ability to perform simple chores and therefore affecting relationships too.

Technology has many advantages and is automating manual tasks that allow people to focus more on the creative tasks that can only be done by humans. It is important though to recognize the downside of technology. People need to limit their screen time and use of technology as a replacement for everything. It will take away great memories if people are always focused on social media and their social appearance. The increased amount of screen time is affecting people’s health as they become less active. Technology is not a replacement for relationships and spending meaningful time with friends and family and is very dangerous when it makes people feel isolated and excluded.

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