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January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

“The Lottery” was written in 1948 and published in “The New Yorker” while the author, Shirley Jackson. The lottery is by Shirley Jackson. You know usually people want to win the lottery, but in this case, trust me, you don't want to win this lottery. Some questions I have are why did Shirley Jackson write this? What is this story for?I have no idea. Did something happen to her like this? Why did she write this story I just really don't understand. I feel like we all probably can relate, here is an example from me:

To me it’s about they stone people, (aka murder/kill people if you don't know what stoned means) because they have too many people in the town. So every year they pick a slip from the box and whoever gets the black dot gets stoned. Here is an long example from the story:

“Tessie” Mr. Summers said there was a pause and then Mr,summers looked at Bill Hutchison and Bill unfolded his paper and showed it, it was blank. “It’s Tessie” Mr. Summers said and his voice was hush “show us her paper Bill” said Mr.Summers.
Bill Hutchinson held it up and there was a stir in the crowd  “alright folks” Mr.summers said “let's finish this quickly please”. The pile of stones that the boys made earlier, were the stones on the ground, Ms.Delacroix selected a stone so large that she had to pick it up with both hands The children had stones already. Tessie hutchinson was in the center she held out her hands desperately as the villagers moved in on her, “It isn't fair” she said. A stone hit her on her head, Old Man Warner saying “come on everyone”. “It isn't right she screamed”, and started running away but they were already upon her, she was to late!!


This website gives us a glimpse into Shirley Jackson’s brilliant career as a short story author.

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