Gender Inequality

January 12, 2018
By maryam_hassan BRONZE, Dubai, Alabama
maryam_hassan BRONZE, Dubai, Alabama
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Thirty percent of women have endured such behavior from male colleagues and 25% identified men with sway over their careers as the culprits.

Why is the society treating men and women differently? There are double standards in most society when it comes to the way the men and women are supposed to behave. Men are more “important” than women and though it is common practice for both genders to drive, a female driver is treated very cautiously as if she’s an accident waiting to happen also It is very commonplace to see men smoking and drinking, But if a woman is seen doing either of those things – God forbid! I personally think that society should treat both equally. Why are men encouraged to pursue further education to make them more capable and Women are discouraged (though it is changing) to do so because it will make them too over-qualified to be someone’s wife!

It’s heart-breaking to know that women get paid less than men. Did you know that in 2016, women working full time in the United States typically were paid just 80 percent of what men were paid, a gap of 20 percent? Just because of their gender. Moreover, women are expected to reach pay equality with men in 2059. But even that slow progress has stalled in recent years. If change continues at the slower rate seen since 2001, women will not reach pay equity with men until 2119. 102 years from now. Although the pay gap is narrowing, women in the U.S. working full- and part-time make 80% of what their male counterparts earn, according to the Pew Research Center. In other words, women need to work an extra 40 days a year to make as much as men. Women worldwide make 77% the amount paid to men, according to a report from the United Nation's International Labor Organization.

Studies say that more than half of all American women—54%—have experienced “unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances” at some point in their lives.

Women face harassment all the time especially between the ages of 15 – 44. They are at a greater risk of experiencing rape or domestic violence than cancer, car accidents, etc. according to the World Bank. And as much as 70% of women worldwide experience violence during their life, the U.N. said. We see it on the news all the time about rape and harassment and people don’t do much about it because most of the time the girl gets blamed because she “asked for it in the way she dressed”. So what if a girl wears tight clothes or shows off her body in shorts and crop tops? Instead of telling girls to cover up, how about you tell boys to look away and keep their hands to themselves.


To sum up, I’ve listed a few reasons how women are treated differently than men, it’s unfair that they don’t get what they deserve. In the olden days, women would get married at a very young age, quit school and be a housewife. Raising the children, catering and looking pretty for her husband when he gets home from work. But it’s 2017 and even though there are many women who work and support themselves there hasn’t been a lot progress in getting an equal society where women don’t get shamed, get equal salaries and same privileges as men.

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