Things Change

January 8, 2018
By Anonymous

Everyone goes through some form of change and many people don't like change, but I believe change is a good thing. Going through changes in your life can teach so much about your life as well as others. In order to move on in life you must experience changes.

Life is always changing, from new problems to new solutions. You either embrace it or fight it. I have chosen to take it on with a smile.

Going into sixth grade I thought everything would be the same as elementary school. Then once school started I began to realize that wasn’t true not only was there more work but there were new friends. That also meant that my old group of friends from elementary school started to split up. That was really hard for me to accept. As months went by I realized I should stop getting worked up about the fact that we weren't a group anymore and acknowledge the fact that we were all going through a big change and it was okay to grow apart. As all this was happening I was trying to be someone I am not. I thought by doing this that it was going to make people want to be friends with me.

I have learned you should never change yourself for someone but rather for yourself. I have changed my actions just to make someone happy when I really wasn't happy myself. I realize now that it is just as important for me to be happy too and that I shouldn't have to change myself only to please someone because i'm afraid they won't like me if I don't. Recently, I have been able to accept the fact that not everyone will like me or what I do or what I wear and that's okay. I should stop trying to please everyone by changing into someone I don't want to be and instead I should change to the point where I am happy about who I am.

I believe in change but only if effort from that person is put into it. If someone does not think that they could change and does not try to change then I believe that they will not accomplish their goal and they could possibly lose that person or thing that they love. I noticed this happen to a friend of mine. She kept saying she was going to change and stop making bad decisions but she put no effort in to trying to resolve er issues and because of this she has lost many close friends.

As I get older, it becomes easier to try new things and meet new people. My decisions no longer affect just myself but my family and friends as well. Life is based on making decisions, some of them good, some of them bad. It’s these decisions that add up to make you who you are. Most people are afraid of change, but as for me, I choose to embrace it.

The author's comments:

Life is always changing, from new problems to new solutions. You either embrace it or fight it. I have chosen to take it on with a smile.

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