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January 5, 2018
By ElizabethM02 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
ElizabethM02 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Throughout generations the world and the people in it have changed. There has been positive occurrences such as enhancements in technology and  cases of peace,unification and new life. However there has also been some negative occurrences such as wars,natural disasters and death.I Believe theses changes over generation are made from people choosing whether to love or hate and their actions.There is a choice made through every decision. I believe people are capable of making their choices justful. If more people would stop and think of the consequences of each possible choice before acting, there would likely be less destruction and hate. However there is not always an option for someone to think before acting. In that case, I believe that the bystanders that witness wrongful actions have the responsibility to step in and do something to stop or solve whatever is taking place. I believe people have the ability to make their own choices and others also have the ability to stand up against the ones that are wrong.  If more people could step in and divert bad behavior the world could turn into a better place.

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