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December 21, 2017
By Anonymous

The attributes I am described by are the things that shape me as a person, I am only known through the words I am described by and the words used by my peers. I am described by the words adventurous, kind, caring, and dedicated. The one I am most proud of though is being caring. I try my best to help out my friends and be supportive. Another attribute I am described as is dedicated. I do my best work in school and I am dedicated to my team, and as captain, I have a lot of responsibility. I am proud of the attributes my close friends describe me with and these words are the things that shape me as a person. Words are very powerful and can mean a lot. Words are how people describe others and how they are feeling. These are the strengths I bring to the world. But the power of words brings many strengths and the way they are used to describe people and objects give us a great deal of control and invincibility.

The author's comments:

I would like people to understand the power of words, how much words shape our society and the strength of words. Words are very powerful and words are the things people use to describe me. 

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