If I Were the Mayor

November 28, 2017
By trebae22 BRONZE, Carson, California
trebae22 BRONZE, Carson, California
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Carson over the past few months has had a lot of crime. In the past few weeks alone, there have been many car thefts and robberies. A lot of people live in Carson and just around a five mile radius from where I live, there has been a lot of crime recently. A liquor store is behind the neighborhood I live in and every day this week, something has happened. This is after I come from practice which is around 8:30 and I know stuff happens but if I was the mayor, think we need solutions on how to fix it.

If I were the mayor, I would try to fix some of the traffic in Carson. Traffic is already a major part of LA as it already is. Downtown, Inglewood, and LAX are crowded and busy with cars throughout the entire day. Carson had a lot of traffic on Carson Street because they were building Hiccups and the apartments by the Ralphs. When I don’t have soccer practice or an after school activity, I take Carson Street all the way to my house which is near the Stubhub Center.  Carson Street is still being worked on and it has been worked on for at least a year and a half to two years. The city of Carson has been working on this street for two years, and at some point, they need to fix the street because it is affecting people’s commute home.  If I was the mayor, I would try to make the roads a lot safer and would increase faster roadwork.

One other thing I want to mention that has to do with traffic is when our sports teams play. We have had the LA Galaxy for quite some time and the traffic for those games were not that bad. As we all know, the LA Chargers play in that same stadium for the next two years. Whenever the Chargers play, there is always traffic on Avalon Boulevard. Also, the parking lot in the little plaza near my house and the Southbay Pavilion Mall are always crowded with cars. I know most of the cars parked in those two places are people going to Stubhub Center because the people are always walking from the those two places. There is not a lot of parking and I get/understand that. If you compare the parking at Stubhub Center for the LA Chargers and LA Galaxy games, LA Chargers parking are more expensive than games for the LA Galaxy. I remember my mom and I driving down Avalon Blvd. and we saw a sign that said $100 for parking. We thought that was ridiculous compared to the $20 or $30 parking for LA Galaxy games. If I was the mayor, I would bring down the parking prices for Charger games because the games cause traffic on the streets near my house. The price will also
Poverty is an issue that the world can not solve. But there is something that we as people can do about it. For example, it is not common to see homeless people in Downtown LA, especially by Skid Row. I wouldn’t expect to be as many homeless people in Carson as I thought. Every time I walk to get ice cream from Baskin Robbins or get chicken from the store, there is always several people asking me if I can give them money. As much as I would like to give them money or give them something, I can’t cause I only carry the money I need to pay for what I am getting. If I was the mayor, I would honestly build shelters for the homeless so that they have places to sleep and things to eat. This also will allow jobs to be created in the city.

As we all know crime is a major part of life. As much as we don’t like hearing about people dying in the world, it’s something we have to live with for the rest of our lives. Carson isn’t a city that is always in the news for crime, but it sometimes is. Car break-ins and robberies are mainly the crimes committed in the area. Murders or killings are rarely on the news, but when they are, it’s normally gang related. According to the website https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/ca/carson/crime,  Carson has the same amount of crime(robberies and break-ins) in other communities that are at least the same size as the city. In terms of crime that is murder and people dying, Carson has a higher rate of violent crime than other communities of the same size. This says something about the city. I live in part of the city which is near the city of Compton. I look at the crime that happens around my neighborhood and my friends neighborhoods and the crime that happens around my neighborhood is more than the crime that happens in their neighborhood. Honestly, if I was the mayor, I would try to put more officers on the streets to keep the city safe.

Overall, the traffic and crime in Carson is not bad but it could be better. The crime of Carson isn't bad among communities in Southern California but for me, I want it to be number one in terms of least amount of crime.Traffic can be a hassle but if the prices go down for Chargers parking, then it will cause less traffic on the streets. If we work together on these three things, we will make Carson a better place for people to live in.

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