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November 27, 2017
By TheRealRJB BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
TheRealRJB BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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 Dear Mr. Trump,

What you have said and done about the kneeling NFL players was completely irresponsible. Completely childish. Completely rash, careless, and thoughtless.


My hope after this is that you will learn something about yourself. I hope you learn just how crazy you act over these small problems that don’t even concern you, and that you should stop interfering with people’s personal problems.


You said that this was disgraceful. I call you wrong. You even went out and said that this was disgraceful to veterans. I again call you mistaken.


It all started on August 16, when the football team, the San Francisco 49ers were playing their last preseason game. Right before the game during the national anthem, the team’s quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, decided to kneel instead of standing up. At first, nothing happened, but then this “trend” started going viral and many NFL and other sports players started doing this too. When you started noticing this trend, you immediately went out and said that this was disgraceful to all U.S. veterans.


By doing this, you are actually saying that people shouldn’t stand up for what they believe in if it is different. Now that comes across me like I shouldn’t try to stand up for what I believe in or what’s right. Now, I know for a fact that when you were growing up, your parents probably told you to stand up for what you believe in, even if it’s different than what other people think.


Even when you decided to go public and make this a bigger deal than was needed, more people have started doing it. And since more people have started doing it, people have started boycotting the NFL. And if people keep doing that, then the NFL might even go bankrupt and we, every American that watches football, won’t be able to enjoy watching the game anymore. All of these problems are because of you. Your fault. Potentially, if you don’t stop, millions of Americans won’t be able to enjoy their Sundays anymore.


So please, stop. Please. Stop. Just drop the problem and move on. Worry about North Korea and all the natural disasters. Even though you are the president, people don’t have to do what you tell them. The beauty of America is that is it a free country, and now it seems like you’re trying to take that away, not just from me, but every American. And that’s not what you want to be known for, is it? Now I ask one thing of you, look in the mirror, look at yourself, and make the change.

The author's comments:

I feel very strongly about what I am writing about and I hope to see a change very soon

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