If I Were Mayor of My Town

November 25, 2017
By ErikO BRONZE, Carson , California
ErikO BRONZE, Carson , California
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In Carson there’s a lot of potential in a sense of what they currently offer and could possibly add, but as many communities there are problems and issues that could be worked on or fixed that will make Carson more pleasing and desirable to visit. An ideal place many people want to see in a community is a safe and interactive city. If I were the mayor some of the issues I’ll fix in my city is offering more clubs and sports, reducing the amount of homeless people, and controlling the crime rates. 

An issue that could be improved in my community is the lack of clubs and sports for kids to attend. This is important for a community because this would give people a reason to come visit. In addition, recreation centers come with all sorts of benefits. Some benefits these recreation centers bring are stronger more connected communities, healthy child development, and economic growth. A stronger community would be built because these center would bring people together and create social interactions. Besides being a benefit to the community it would also be beneficial to the kids in the city as in reducing obesity, improving mental health, and keeping kids in contact with nature rather than a TV screen. Recreation centers also bring economic growth because as more people start to take notice of our community this will result an increase of income into the community because of the amount of people visiting and buying necessities within the area. Furthermore, employment opportunities would increase for jobs like coaches and supervisors. An increase of income coming into the city could help the surrounding areas like schools and areas that need to be work on that could make our community more noticeable. For example, taking down any old or abandoned buildings and add more businesses or houses. Bringing in more clubs and sports within a community could lead to many more benefits than just for the people who join the activities.       

Another issue that could be addressed in my city is the amount of homeless people around the city. To reduce the amount of homeless people, Carson could add a homeless shelter in an area that won’t bother the community. Adding a homeless shelter is a great idea for many reasons. These shelters will clear up many people off the streets and near stores. In doing so this creates a more safer and welcoming community to visit. Also providing homeless people a second chance to rebuild their lives to what they once were or better. Creating a homeless shelter will also fall into the category in being able to have better security for this city. The crime rates of this city would decline because of the decrease of homeless people walking around. As crime rates are decreasing also will poverty. Cutting poverty within a city brings many positive effects for everyone. First of all, cutting poverty will decrease health risks, children wouldn’t face problems like lower birth weight because they’ll have a better intake rate of food. Adding on, more stable income families are less likely in risk of an illness compared to a family who has a lower-income. Another benefit of reducing poverty would be the reduction of conflicts between families. Many low-income families struggle with economic pressure of trying to pay their bills and getting their needs so couples start having more hostile interactions and eventually withdraw from each other. These types of issues would lead into many other problems like divorce, bad parenting, and kids not being able to grow up with both of their parents. Having a homeless shelter resolves many solution than just cleaning up the streets.  

Recently in Carson an issue that has significantly been increasing are the crimes. Many crimes like murder, robbery, and graffiti has been a big issue lately. In most cases these crimes are happening within the night. A possible resolution to control or prevent crimes from happening often is adding a neighborhood watch throughout the city. Investing into these groups would be very beneficial to the city and residents for multiple reasons. One of the most obvious reasons is the ability of deterring criminal activity. With promotion and advertisement of the group, criminals are less likely to be willing to involve themselves into criminal activities like graffiti and robbery because of the fear that someone might be calling the cops on them without noticing. Discouraging criminals and building bonds with neighbors are what the neighborhood watch could bring into the table. People start to have neighborhood awareness when there are people looking out for one another. Besides having the residents doing their part in stopping crimes, some other ways that can be utilized to reduce crime is by involving the city to add more policies or laws that’ll fix some of the leading factors of some of the most common crimes. For example, the city could add a more stricter alcohol policy because according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, alcohol is a factor in 40 percent of violent crimes. So policies like increasing the tax on alcohol, reducing the number of of alcohol outlets, and revoking alcohol offenders the right to drink are some ideas that Carson could implement to reduce some of the crime activity around the area.

After discussing the many issues that Carson seems to struggle with, the community will begin to understand and see the amount of work this city still needs. Regardless of all the new buildings being added to give our city a better visual. Carson needs to work on trying to make the people or the residents of the community more involved and interactive to be able to create a more stable and safer community to live in. To adding more clubs and sports to be a more stronger and connected community. Then to add more neighborhood watchers , a homeless shelter, and more stricter city policies to reduce the amount of crime in community.

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