If I Were Mayor...I Would Make a Difference

November 17, 2017
By myaford20 BRONZE, Carson, California
myaford20 BRONZE, Carson, California
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In my town the city of Carson there are many issues as mayor that I want to address. I live in the community of Carson and love the city but these issues have negatively affected my community for years. As mayor of my community I want to make a difference and ultimately change lives.Some of these issues include the ongoing gang violence, the lack of knowledge in majority African American schools on the importance of higher education, and the ineffective after school programs. As mayor I want to address these issues to help better the community ,create a safer community and generate a closer fellowship between one another.


Gang violence has been occurring in my community for quite a long time and it continues to become worse.There are many innocent people caught in the middle of gang gunfire and innocently killed because they may have worn the wrong color or been in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is a devastating generational curse in my town where gangs continue to rule the community and instill fear in the neighborhood. If I were mayor  I would address the increasing gang violence issues and try formulating a system that would decrease the gang violence and create a safer community I would  start by enforcing police officers to watch over the communities to see who’s involved and try catching them in the act of wrongdoing. I would then provide gang prevention programs within the community to be of access to those who want to get out of gangs or are being encouraged to be in a gang. These prevention programs would also be enforced to visit schools and educate the students about the dangers of joining or being associated with gangs. Thereafter as mayor I would compose sections of each neighborhood in my town that would have its own  active Neighborhood Watch Programs. These active  Neighborhood Watch Programs would help reduce the gang violence in the community because it would persecute more people involved in gangs and eventually reduce the youth from being involved. The gang violence is devastating the community and it has to change.I want every community member to feel safe and comfortable when the step out of their door. As the mayor I would effectively and immediately address gang violence in my community.

In my town there are many after school programs that lack in providing their participants with the values of life and education that they are needing. As mayor I am going to promote more afterschool programs that encourage the advancement of  education  within elementary students. I am going to personally review these programs to ensure that they provide care and attention to the students to improve their well being. These programs will effectively nurture the students emotionally,physically,and mentally. I want programs that improve and reinforce the information that the participant has learned in school. As the mayor I would push for clubs within the afterschool programs such as book club, writing club,and arithmetic club in order for the advancement of the child. As the mayor I believe that afterschool programs should give the students involved a purpose for attending school as well as a support system. As mayor I want afterschool programs to enrich the students and make them feel enlightened and confident in learning every time they go home.

In my town there is also a lack of knowledge about higher education, specifically in majority African American middle schools and elementary schools. In these majority African American middle schools and elementary schools they have retained and received little to no information about the importance of a higher education and how it can dramatically affect their lives. As mayor I would promote schools to parents of the students that attend these majority African American schools and advise them about getting their children to apply to schools such as these. As mayor I would send out information  to these majority African American schools but will encourage students regardless of race to try enrolling in schools like these. I would also educate the parents about  higher education schools and provide seminars that would guide the parents into getting their kids into these higher education high schools. Along with seminars I would spread pamphlets around to make sure that these students are really receiving the information. I believe that seminars, flyers, speakers, and pamphlets can push these students to try attending schools that  promote higher education. As mayor I want each student to feel important, and worth a better education.

As mayor of my town I want to improve my community, advance my community, increase the spread of knowledge about higher education, decrease the amount of gang violence, and improve the afterschool programs effectiveness. I enjoy living in my community but want to feel safe, and worth a better education.Too many lives have been lost, too many smart people have not been educated, and too many dreams have not been supported ,as mayor I want to make the difference in my town.

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