If I Were Mayor

November 17, 2017
By theesantaclause BRONZE, Carson, California
theesantaclause BRONZE, Carson, California
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Life in the city will be different. It will be safe, protected and cherished. As an office holder I would be dedicated to serving the people, but still understanding the differences between helping and making situations worse. Yes, there are so many things that the economy needs fixed. And yes, there are so many things that society needs. And although many people in the economy may agree to the terms and ideas that will be stated, if  I were mayor, this is what I would do.

All buildings built between the 1950s and 1980s should be modernized.

It is clear that life is changing. There are new ways to innovate and technology is continuously being improved. We need to move past our old ways and show other cities that our town is capable of taking care of itself. There is nothing wrong with a little remodeling. Also, by taking down 20th century buildings, good paid jobs of construction will open up to several dozens. So not only will the economy be getting a new, updated and renovated city, they may also get the possibility of contributing to building the future.

Streets and beaches must remain as clean as possible.

Cities by the beach are constantly seen as trashy and untaken care of. I believe that there must be stricter laws enforcing punishment if someone is found not following the law. It should be obliged by the public police, national guard or the city police to clean an entire beach or street, in that same moment. People are constantly being ignored or warned of their wrong doings, but I believe that if they are caught once, what makes you think they will not do it again?

No graffiti allowed on street fronts or on major important streets.

In this city, where gang banging is continuously being praised and spread from generation to generation, there is without a doubt, graffiti. According to the NSW Government of Justice, 26.8% of graffiti is found in residential areas and 15.3% is found in public spaces. That’s a little above 40 percent, almost near 50 percent. Graffiti vandalizes the cities property and portrays an image of carelessness and shame. It promotes gang-banging or destruction on the town’s depending areas. There is no avoiding it, nor completely getting rid of this negative action all at once. But, what can be done is aggressive and heavy patrolling at night only on the main streets. Eventually, as time progresses and more people are caught vandalizing the city, patrolling will search deeper into residential areas and parks. Lowering the percentage of graffiti overall.

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