If I Were Mayor of My Town...

November 16, 2017
By kbreezy27 BRONZE, Carson, California
kbreezy27 BRONZE, Carson, California
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There are many problems that occur in the community of Carson. These problems are faced with everyday, yet they are still not solved. Two particular problems in the community are the mosquitoes, and street construction. Changes need to be made to avoid these issues. If I were major of my town I would act on these issues to make a change not only for the community but for the people as well.

When the weather begins to get cold, the mosquitoes begin to hibernate in my community. They try to find warm places to avoid the cold, and many fly into people’s home. Children show up to school with large red bites from these vicious blood suckers. There has been no steps to change this problem. Mosquitoes are no joke, they carry diseases like malaria and can kill many people if they linger around our homes. Steps to fix this is by having pest control, spray houses to keep them out. One place they come from is the alley’s nearby many of the houses. I would send the pest control to inspect the alley ways and spray there as well. In order to keep a community safe from disease we need to make sure the pest like the mosquitoes affecting our community are gone.

The street construction is also another problem people have to face. There is constantly street construction which causes traffic. This causes many people to run late to work or school. It’s a pain to have to wait for the light, but it’s even worse when you have to wait behind a long line of cars. Every turn you make the workers are either painting or doing something to the street which is not necessary. Attendance is important and I am always running late because of the construction. In order to get to school or work on time, I have to find different streets which will take me there on time, but that is also time wasting. To fix this issue, I would plan to fix the streets on the weekends instead of the week knowing many people are trying to make it to work or school on time. Little changes can make a big change, and I want to avoid any accidents because many drivers get frustrated with having to wait in the long line of cars bunch up close to one another. Accidents can be avoided by making new arrangements for the construction  to occur.

Another issue I should mention is burglaries. Many people in the community experience burglaries. As the mayor, I would allow free installation of alarm systems into home’s. I know young teenagers are the one who commit home robberies when the person has gone out. Installing secret cameras in the neighborhood can also be beneficial to prevent home invasions. Saving lives and creating a safer community for people and their families is always important to maintain, which is why I as a mayor would step out to help my people and our community.
Being mayor of the town, I would address those two issues the most, because they affect my community drastically. Nothing has been done to stop the mosquitoes, or prevent street construction. As a mayor you need to make sure everyone in your community is safe and free from harm. Setting up meetings to address issues can influence ideas of what I would need to do as mayor, to prevent from happening. My community is facing many problems and of those problems I want them to be fixed and not just be ignored. That is the main reason why nothing has happened. People ignore the problems and try to act as if everything is fine, when it is not. I want the community to know it is okay to speak up about these problems, because as the mayor I want to fix them, and that I will do.

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