Nothing Is Perfect

November 16, 2017
By Angela6 BRONZE, Harbor City, California
Angela6 BRONZE, Harbor City, California
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In every community there are problems that need to be fixed. Some communities suffer from poverty, while others are in need of more desirable streets. In my community, there are numerous troubles that stand out. The roads are not ideal for driving on, the traffic lights feel more like a waste of time than a way to ensure safety, and it’s a big inconvenience to drive a few cities for weekly groceries. No matter which community you are from, there are always changes that can be made to make your neighborhood a better place.

One of the prominent problems that stand out is the unpleasant roads. When roads have not been fixed in years, it is common that potholes and cracks start to appear. When I am in the car, I can feel every dip, bump, and sinking feeling on the road. Another major drawback of these road conditions is that they ware down brand new tires and cause used tired to go flat. Since the roads are in such horrible conditions, I know that my mom had to take her car to the shop more than a handful of times just to get her tires repaired. Every time her tires go flat she has to pay out of her own pocket to get it fixed. One action I can take to fix this problem is going to the city and requesting for a change. I know that one action will most likely not make a difference, so I will also start and fundraiser and try to make as much money as possible. Fundraising ideas I can do are car washes and partner up with local shops for a share of their profit on a specific day. This is a problem that affects not just me but everyone on the roads.

Another issue that should be reconditioned, are the traffic lights in the area. The traffic lights seem to be stuck on red. A couple of times I have witnessed drivers get impatient on waiting for the light to turn green that they just ignored the red light and drove on. When drivers disregard the main reason for keeping roads in order, there are many negative effects. For example, a pedestrian might get run over, a car accident could happen, or even something as simple as a big fat five-hundred dollar ticket. An action that I can do to fix this widening problem is addressing my concerns to the elected officials of the city and voice my concern. Bringing attention to this topic, I will be enlightening the individuals in these positions the problem at hand.

The final problem that should be addressed is the lack of grocery stores in my area. When I go grocery shopping I have to drive to another city. On holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, every family gets together and starts catching up. That is really hard to do when one person has to go to the store and buy the one ingredient they forgot. Leaving your loved ones is always hard, but on top of that leaving for a few hours is worse. An action that I can take to try to fix this problem is, create a petition and go around my neighborhood sharing the troubles that we all share. I know that if I create a petition and have enough people sign it, I can present it to the council of the city and try to initiate a change. If the problem doesn’t get fixed, it will keep presenting inconveniences to the members of my neighborhood.

I know that no community is perfect, but we can attempt to make it as close to it as possible. Creating a good environment is important to everyone. Whether it’s roads, traffic lights, or even a grocery store or two, it is the small stuff that that makes a difference.

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